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Jun 3, 2014 03:56 PM

Bars in Manila that may show Stanley Cup Finals?

Im a new yorker in Manila til the 10th of June - is there any chance there will be bars that will show Stanley Cup Finals ?

Start times would be 8am local time

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  1. I would hit a bar in one of the big Western hotel chains. We stayed at the Hotel Manila in January but I can't remember if there was a TV in the bar...I think you'd be better off skipping the Asian hotels.

    1. If worse comes to worse, you could always seek out a TGI Fridays! I can't remember if we were in Singapore or Malaysia, but there was a New England Pats game we wanted to see and sure enough, there was MNF with the audio in TGIF! I've never even stepped into one here in the States! LOL!

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        I had to post again...It was neither in Singapore nor Malaysia that we hit up a was Santiago de Chile! I asked my partner-in-crime tonight, we struggled a bit to remember and then, of course, realized that since we watched the game live, it had to have been in the same hemisphere! LOL! Sorry for the misinformation. Hope you and Eileen0812 find a place to watch the finals (personally, it's tough for me to watch since the Bruins were eliminated).

      2. I'm looking too. But am a Kings fan. Currently watching through gamecenter live at home. I would've gone to a TGIFridays but the game's too early

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          unfortunately i have not been able to locate a place - haha - not unexpected -

          am able to facetime back home and they pointed it at the tv...was better than nothing

          thanks for the effort digga