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Jun 3, 2014 03:50 PM

Good new pizza joint in Windsor Terrace

Just tried Fina, on Fort Hamilton Parkway between East 2nd Street and East 3rd Street that just opened this past weekend. Although they do slices before 5 pm, it's not a brightly-lit greasy-slice kind of place. The decor shows that they're going for more of a Lucali kind of vibe rather than Famous Original Famous Ray's. We went after 5, when they only do whole pies (and, I guess from the menu, calzones).

Although they have some intriguing-looking toppings, we were interested in just trying the basic plain pie for our first dish there, and we liked it very much. The sauce is nice and piquant, the pies are doused with olive oil, and the cheese is good. I live close enough that I'll be coming by anyway, but I can see this being a destination place.

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  1. Windsor T is the up and coming place, if one reads the papers regularly, for the last past year or more, the presses and local papers have been plugging it, and doing write ups about it.

    Do they have a Thai venue yet. Have not been there this year.

    I did read about Mohawk, which changed its name to Adirondacks, due to racial problems with the Mohawk Indians.

    I am quite desirous to check it out, maybe after a slice at the place you so mention.

    reference this "New Windsor Terrace bar drops 'Mohawk Tavern' name".

    The articles I have read on the bar, relate it as a very nice place.

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      Im sure the bar is fine - their innocently chosen (like the first) georgraphically-based bar name is ironic under the circumstances.

    2. I am a huge fan of nearby Wheated on Church Ave. and am wondering how this place compares both in terms of the pizza and also ambience? (Assuming you have been there too). And if you have not been to Wheated, you most definitely should check it out... I am assuming they do not offer any appetizers or salads... just pizza and calzones? I think I read they will eventually serve beer and wine... At any rate, I am in the 'hood and this sounds very promising.

      My son goes to the middle school across the street and I think they should offer some sort of slice special for the kids during the day--their slices are pricey for the average kid wanting to stop in for a snack. Fwiw, my son tried it already, but went in on a whole pie--rather than slices-- with a group of friends and they all raved.

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      1. re: brooklynsabra

        Jonkyo: I live in the neighborhood and was also excited about Adirondacks, but the old -fashioned I got when I was there was distinctly unexciting. I'm willing to give it another try, maybe just to stick with the beer and wine instead (they also carry Blanton's, my favorite bourbon).

        There's a Thai restaurant a couple of doors down from Fina, which is very mediocre.

        Brooklynsabra: my understanding is that they do slices in the afternoon, although I don't know how much they cost. The vibe of the place is not super-middle-school friendly, though, but I'm glad your son liked it. I have been to Wheated, and even though both Wheated and Fina are more upscalish than your typical pizza place, Wheated seems to go more for the creative innovations on the concept of pizza, while Fina is more basic; think aspiring to DiFara's in a more genteel setting. Both approaches have their merits, and I like different types of pizza experiences at different times.

        1. re: JackS

          Jack--I had a chance to try Fina and would agree that it is refined old school while Wheated is indeed more innovative in the style of Roberta's in Bushwick. As far as my experience at Fina goes, we had a pepperoni pie that was so ladled with sauce that it became soggy and floppy almost right after serving We also got a sausage pie that had a more durable--and more charred crust that I far preferred. Both crusts seemed a little too thick, but the ingredients all seemed top notch. I also really found myself longing for an appetizer or salad and while I know that Lucali's does a super minimalist menu successfully, I know I'd be more likely to return if they had a few starters on the menu and am guessing others must feel the same. I will probably give this place another try once they have their liquor license. I definitely sensed a lot of potential!

          As for slices, they are $4 for a regular slice and $5 for one with a topping. That's pretty steep. And I know they may not be shooting for the middle school crowd at all in terms of offering a special.

          1. re: JackS

            I was curious about the place, but have not been. It is nice to read your comment about it. Thank you.