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Los Comales shut down- where to go for tacos in Durham now?

It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that both Los Comales locations are shut down due to tax issues. Los Comales was my go-to taqueria (ok, I live really close) with fresh, hand made tortillas loaded up with delicious meats. For $2 or less. And I also loved their condiments bar. Anyway, where to now? Durham and Triangle hounds, what say?

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    1. It's so, so unfortunate. Los Comales tacos are unparalleled. I've hardly gotten tacos anywhere else for years now, but I guess what we're left with is La Vaquita and La Superior.

      1. Yeah I mean there are at least 3 places that do good tacos on Roxboro.

        1. This same question was recently posed on the City Data forum, so I will copy/paste my response below for the benefit of this CH audience:

          In Durham: La Vaquita - both the Chapel Hill Road and Hillsborough Road locations. Super Taqueria and La Superior, both located on Roxboro Road. Toledo Carniceria & Taqueria on Highway 54 in RTP. Azteca Grill on Chapel Hill Road. I used to really like the Taqueria Lopez truck that used to park on Hillsborough Road at night, but I haven't seen it parked there in a while.

          In Chapel Hill/Carrboro: The taco truck that parks at Fitch Lumber. Not sure about its name, but they have probably the best salsa verde in the area.

          In Cary: Taqueria Rancho Grande on SE Maynard Road. Their tamales are a strong contender for best in the Triangle, second only to La Vaquita.

          In Raleigh: Taqueria El Toro on Junction Blvd near Tryon Road.

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            In CH/Carrboro Taqueria Ramierez is the my go to choice. They're at Cliff's most weekend nights and have eye catching blue lighting. There are at least two taco trucks that park at Fitch's. Both are white and I can never remember which I like.

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              Of the two taco trucks that park simultaneously at Fitch's Lumber, I like the one that has the fold down window counters on both the side and back of the truck. If anyone can help with the name of that truck, please do.

          2. There's also Restaurante Ixtapa on Exchange Park Road in Hillsborough now:


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              Great suggestion. R. Ixtapa is fantastic. Sensational guacamole. Everything else is great too. Best lengua tacos I have had.

              Note - They are closed on Tuesday.

            2. Thanks Hounds. There are indeed other tacquerias nearby so I'll have to get used to life without Los Comales. The shack behind Don Becerra's at Club & Roxboro does nice work also.

              1. "Johnson said in an email that the business owed about $185,000 to the state."

                They could probably raise a good chunk of that by selling 50% off coupons or something. Didn't "The Barbecue Joint" in Chapel Hill attempt (and briefly succeed) at something similar before being shut down for other reasons?

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                  I don't know what the margin is on a taco, but they'd need to sell a lot of them to raise that sum.

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                    I always forget about Tonali, their food is really good. It's different from Los Comales though.

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                      Super Taqueria and the market they own further up Roxboro, la Superior are both quite good. I enjoy Superior for the tacos and the to go cooked meats. Not to mention the butcher shop and tortilleria.

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                        Super Taqueria and La Superior have the same owner(s)? I didn't know that.

                  2. Does anyone know what happened to Taqueria Lopez? Haven't seen it on Hillsborough since November.

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                      I've also noticed the Lopez truck has been missing! But just recently, I saw it on a Saturday afternoon parked near the panaderia at the intersection of Main St and Hillsborough Rd. Not sure if that's its regular parking spot these days, but its worth checking out.

                    2. Went to Super Taqueria and I have to say the $1.50 tacos ( pastor, tinga de pollo, and carne asada) were fine. In fact the meat in the pastor and pollo might have even a little better than Los Comales. The tortillas, however, were decent but not like the hand made fresh ones at Los Comales. Also, their salsa bar was much smaller than I remembered it. Still, quite decent.

                      1. The original Los Comales building on Roxboro Rd now has a sign that says, "Restaurant Guanajuato de Durham." I don't know if it's related to Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant in Chapel Hill. I'm not going to pre-judge a restaurant before it opens, but I'd feel a little more optimistic if the restaurant were named after a region of Mexico that was actually known for its cuisine. How about a Pueblan, or Oaxacan restaurant? I realize there is a theme to my griping on Chowhound lately. It just seems to me that Durham restauranteurs are opening up more and more of the same thing (pizza, burgers, beer, Tex-mex), rather than developing really thoughtful restaurant concepts that are unique or special in some way. It's great that we're bucking the chains, but if all the food is the same anyway, what difference does it make?

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                          I couldn't agree more. Look how different Mateo is, and how much fun it is to go there. I loved your idea on a different thread about an authentic seeming bistro or brasserie. It always surprises me that no one has really run with this idea. The closest is Vin Rouge, which I like a heck of a lot, but it still isn't that whole tin ceiling, predictable menu thing that would be so much fun. I like Coquette, but it looks like an American restaurant to me, and doesn't totally hit the spot food-wise (although I do enjoy my meals there). How about a cool Moroccan place? And at least as far as Chapel Hill goes, the Vietnamese options are pretty dismal.

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                            Does Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant in Chapel Hill have authentic Guanajuato cuisine on their menu? From what I just read (see below) that would be a change of pace and likely quite delicious.

                            [from http://www.visitmexico.com/en-i0/cuis...
                            ]The city of Guanajuato has a wide range of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Try out Guanajuato food in one of the gourmet restaurants, restaurants specializing in Mexican dishes, or even a small local fonda. You are sure to receive excellent and friendly service.

                            Guanajuato has many different dishes, from Mexican classics to regional favorites – enchiladas mineras, cecina, stuffed chilies, flautas, tamales, buñuelos, gorditas, tlacoyos, pork trotters, pacholas guanajuatenses (fried mincemeat), empanadas de carnitas, pan de acámbaro, and fiambre estilo San Miguel de Allende (a mix of beef, chicken and pork) with fruits and vegetables in oil and vinegar.

                            Local beverages include agua de betabel (a drink combining many ingredients including beets), strawberry liqueur, and the refreshing agua de mezquite.

                            And for dessert, try the local Irapuato strawberries with cream or caramel jelly. Typical sweets include: Celaya caramel, jamoncillos, pepitorias, alegrías, las cocadas, and candied strawberries from Irapuato.

                            Visit the International Cervantes International Festival and International Balloon Festival and taste the charamuscas, Guanajuato mummies made of caramel.

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                              Guanajuato Mexican Restaurant in Chapel Hill has a menu that looks like every other run of the mill Mexican restaurant you've ever been to.

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                              Yes it has long been a small gripe of mine that what Durham has in tasty options they lack in originality or breadth of ethnic diversity. I sure do hope that izakaya/ramen shop to come later does exceedingly well even if that sorta thing is trendy right now.

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                                What else y'all craving? Hashtag market research.

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                                  Totally pedestrian, but great bar food that is hard to find around here: potato skins. Cheese, sour cream, a side of tabasco, some sliced scallions.