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Jun 3, 2014 02:57 PM

Shishito Peppers YYC

Anyone know a Calgary grocer that sells Shishito peppers?

I have located some but the company only sells to food service/restaurants, not to grocery retailers, and the minimum quantity is 5 pounds.

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  1. Arirang had them two months ago.
    At least that's what the clerk pointed out to me when I asked for shishito peppers - they did look similar enough to pictures but I was not completely convinced that is what I actually bought. Label was non-English and the clerk was less than fluent.
    $2 for a package of 10-15 peppers (I think).

    1. I had some at Model Milk the other night at the Hawksworth fundraiser dinner, so they are out there somewhere.

      1. I work in a restaurant in Calgary and we had shishito peppers for a feature a few months back. Had to pre-order them thru GFS a few weeks before we ran the menu. Our rep mentioned that T&T gets them, but very sporadically. Suppliers are projecting shishito peppers to be the new big food trend, so I wouldn't be surprised if they pop up more frequently.