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Jun 3, 2014 02:07 PM

Favorites from Wayne to Frenchtown

I'm always looking for more great places to eat (mostly in the suburbs) and have a food orgasm, so I thought I'd share my all time favorites, in hopes of getting some new suggestions of places with similar eats in return.

Nudy's for Breakfast in Wayne, PA
Cake, for Brunch/Lunch in Chestnut Hill, PA
Blue Sage for Brunch/Lunch/Dinner in Southampton, PA
Ooka in Willow Grove, PA for Sushi
Anton's at the Swan in Lambertville, NJ for Dinner
Hamilton Grille Room for Dinner in Lambertville, NJ
Lovin Oven for Brunch/Dinner in Frenchtown, NJ

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  1. Bamboo for authentic Szechuan, Rt. 202 and Germantown Pike in E. Norriton
    Tamarindo for Southern Mexican (and endless free margaritas in this BYO), Broad Axe behind the Tavern
    A few more but tell me what you like.

    1. Cmad you always pose such stimulating questions. ,,, Couple of comments...

      1. I prefer Doylestown Ooka or Montgomeryville Ooka over Willow Grove, especially for sushi (tepanyaki, they are all the same) Along the way from Wayne I would stop at Blue Fin in East Norriton for sushi.

      2. Antons is great.. prefer the bar over the dining room, I actually think the menu is better at the bar.

      3. In Lambertville, Brians has recently revamped their menu. Prix Fixe only Really doing great stuff there.

      4. I would take Sprig and Vine over Blue Sage any day of the week for vegetarian fare.

      5. Telford Vietnam Cafe for Pho.

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      1. re: cwdonald

        I feel like Blue Sage is more creative, they don't do Tofu or Pasta. Plus Sprig & Vine seems more expensive.

        1. re: littlecmad

          Blue Sage definitely uses tofu.. in fact there is a picture of buckwheat blini with tofu on their FB page.

          With regard to price, I am sure you are correct here, but its probalby due to location.,....

          For me I find Sprig and Vine features the ingredients rather than trying to create vegetarian versions of dishes that usually have meat. But different strokes for different folks!

          1. re: cwdonald

            That must be new. My point is they are creative in doing vegetarian/vegan without using meat substitutes and the food tastes awesome! I myself am not a vegetarian but I would be if I could eat Blue Sage every day. BTW, this here is a great review of BS.

      2. Certainly agree with Bluefin, may be fave sushi in our area
        Also Restaurant Alba in Malvern.

        1. A couple of my favs
          Frenchtown cafe- reasonably priced excellent breakfast and lunch.
          Inn of the hawke, lambertville, very good fish and chips, good bar
          Marhaba, across from inn of the hawke, middle eastern dinner or lunch
          Some of the best lamb chops I've had and delicious chicken shwarma.

          1. If you're crossing the river into NJ - add the Pass to your list. It's in Rosemont, NJ - just north of Stockton. Simply great.