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Jun 3, 2014 01:52 PM

Braised lamb hearts

the lazy way... I sliced 2 hearts in half vertically and decided not to bother cleaning the aorta etc. but just to rinse and leave it there. I braised 2 hours with a bit of liquid covered in a 200* oven. Came out nice and tender with a pleasantly dense texture. I did trim them after cooking but think I might not bother again, most of that just melted in. I'm thinking of pork hearts next for tacos. I've always cooked sliced or diced heart fast and hot but this was excellent. Details:

I made a paste in the blender with an onion, garlic clove and some ginger with a little water. I heated oil and popped some cumin seeds, then added the paste and fried, stirring, until it was golden. Some cayenne went in. I let it cool a bit then added the halved heats and stirred to mix, with a dribble of water. Covered and into the oven to cook. Stuck them in the fridge overnight then to serve I heated the braising gravy until a near boil, turned off the heat, added a bit of garam masala, and stirred in the (sliced) meat to warm up. Served as a sandwich on a baguette with some diced green chili and onion and cilantro (and the thick gravy). Really really tasty.

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  1. Sounds wonderful......thanks for the tip about braising in the oven with minimal trimming!

    1. I've been meaning to get up the guts (pardon the wordplay) to try hearts and tongue. This may be the push I needed. Thanks!

      1. In France l get at one butcher duck, capon, or goose hearts and after removing surface fat and a bit of aorta, they saute to wonderful tenderness very quickly.

        1. We had beef heart now and then when I was growing up, always simmered and then baked in stuffing. Didn't get a lot of chicken hearts, but that was because Mom claimed them as Cook's Treat.

          I was visiting a pan-Asian market I hadn't been to in a couple of years and noticed a plentiful supply of lamb and pork hearts. Being the sole carnivore in the house (cats excepted, but not invited!) cramps my style a bit, but I could see making a batch of braised heart in gravy and freezing it in vacuum pouches for heating later.