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Feb 1, 2005 04:27 PM

Toronto Bagels

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Anybody know of a great place to get Toronto Bagels. Please let me know.

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  1. What would you want to do that for? ;)

    I find bagged supermarket bagels much like those I had to eat in Toronto.

    1. If you want real Montreal wood oven Bagels in Toronto, check out Taylor'd Bagels in Oakville ( corner of Third Line and Dundas), you will not be disappointed. Give us a call at 905-469-8055.
      Trey Taylor
      Owner and ex-Montrealer.

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      1. Toronto has plenty of great bagel stores and great bagel varieties. Bagel World and Kiva's offer amazing twisters. Double the size of a regular bagel, it has a hard outer shell and soft doughy inside. In my opinion it "outweights" the Montreal-style by leaps and bounds. Be prepared, it's a meal on it's own.

        Gryffe's Bagels are light and airy. You could eat two or three before you even make it to the check out.

        We have our own Montreal-style bagels at St. Urbain's Bakery, What a Bagel and our friend Trey in Oakville.

        Supermarket bagels!?!? Feh. Christine is obviously from out of town.

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        1. re: PTR

          <b><i>Feh. Christine is obviously from out of town.</i><b>

          As this is the Montreal & Quebec board, a question about getting "Toronto bagels" should be read as someone looking for "Totronto" (ie New York) -type bagels in Montreal and Quebec, and not as someone looking for Montreal-style bagels in Ontario.
          Christine may or may not be from out-of-town, but her reading skills and logic are fine. As are her taste and sense of humour.

        2. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a Toronto bagel. This is a myth created by ignorant Torontonians (such as myself). What most people mean when they say "Toronto bagel" is a New York style bagle- lighter, not boiled in honey water first, and with a smaller hole. Gryfe's is probably the place to go for these while the Montreal bagel place on Bayview (near Alex's cheese) has the best Mtl bagels in this city. In Montreal, if you're not eating Montreal bagels, get out, they don't want you ;-)

          1. Gryfe's bagels are the best in Toronto and, in my opinion, better than Montreal bagels (and I am an ex-Montrealer who ate a lot of bagels there). It would thus be nice to have something similar in Montreal.

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            1. re: Fredster

              YMMV of course, but I found nothing special about Gryfe's (also pitched to me as being the reason Toronto is a better bagel town than Montreal). To me they seemed a pleasant enough dinner roll with a hole in the middle. No reason not to sell them in Montreal if there's a market for them, but I wouldn't expect them to dislodge the indigenous type.