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Jun 3, 2014 10:30 AM

Anova Precision Cooker - on kickstarter now

If you are into sous vide, or interested in it, this may be worth a look. There are currently 3 real contenders in the immersion circulator game, the Sansaire, the Anova, and the Nomiku. Serious eats did a post about them a while back, comparing the 3. Prices ranging from $199, to $299

They had some input, and complaints about all 3. Anova (a big name in precision lab equipment) recently set up a kickstarter campaign for a new model, essentially addressing all of the complaints that people have had, improving the design, incorporating bluetooth functionality (you can download the app to your phone, and then send a "program" for time and temp to the unit) and push notifications. Seems neat. To me, the biggest improvement is the adjustable height of the clamp.

Additionally, pricing has dropped. Retail pricing will be $179 (if they make the additional $15k in the next 14 days, and are able to include the stainless skirt, vs the plastic one) I think they're at $159 for singles, and you can get a two pack for $249. A friend and I are splitting one, bringing our total to $125/unit. They are supposed to be released in October (and I assume they probably will be, it's a company with product release experience, and they want to be sure to have backorders filled before Xmas).

Anyway, I'm also into hearing about what's new in kitchen technology, and even after having exhaustively researched similar units for a few days, didn't learn about it til someone posted a link on another forum I'm on. Figured I'd share, and let anyone who may have balked at the original price of a way to get it for less.

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  1. I backed this when I could still get the early bird pricing. I also backed this project for a simpler system: Codlo doesn't do the circulator thing, and it uses an appliance you already own. I don't know why I felt the need to back two different sous-vide systems, exactly, but I like Kickstarter and I'm interested in trying sous-vide, and sometimes my credit card number gets away from me.

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      I have a Dork Sous Vide Temp Controller (got it on amazon for $100) and I love it, however my crock pot isn't that large, and I'd prefer the versatility of using any vessel I own. This way, I'll have 2 setups. I can do a long slow cook (72 hour beef cheeks, or similar) and still do a nightly chicken breast/pork chop, etc. I am excited to get it!

    2. Kenji has a more recent piece on the Anova than the one linked by the OP.