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Jun 3, 2014 10:17 AM

Harissa, garlic, and salt rubbed leg of lamb - now what?

I got one of the boneless legs of lamb at costco, and cut a flat part out (probably 2-2.5lbs) and rubbed it with harissa seasoning, a little granulated garlic, and some salt, then vac packed it and tossed it in the freezer. I'm on a sous vide kick and am wanting to try a 24 hr cook at 130 degrees for this, but I'm not entirely sure what to do as far as sides? We generally avoid refined flour/grains, but for a special meal, I'm totally happy to change that.

My initial thoughts were some sort of lemony minty greek yogurt mixed with israeli couscous or wheat berries, plus either wilted kale or sauteed zucchini? I don't usually do a lot of north african type cooking, so I'm kind of at a loss here!

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  1. I make a tabouleh-type salad with quinoa instead of bulgur that might work here: Cooked quinoa, cooled then mixed with lemon juice, olive oil, tomatoes, scallions, lots of cilantro, S&P. Some possible add-ins are chickpeas, olives, chopped green beans sauteed with lots of garlic.

    The Arab dish sleek might be nice too. It's kale cooked with black-eyed peas, sometimes with bulgur or rice.

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      I do tabouleh style quinoa that's similar to this as well... interesting. I hadn't thought of that. I also have a recipe for a roasted hot pepper chimichurri type of sauce that may be incredible with this lamb..... oh decisions decisions!

    2. I really like green beans with lamb, sautéed with garlic would be my choice here. Add pine nuts , optional.
      Personally I think bulgur Wotld much better for tabbouleh than quinoa, and if you make it the traditional way with lots of herbs and a little grain it is a real treat .

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        agree, on a heavy-hand with the parsley, tomato and lemon juice and just a smattering of grains. or none. :) instead finish it with great olives and feta cheese.

        zucchini fritters go great with a yogurt-mint sauce alongside lamb as well.

      2. Afghan eggplant with garlic yogurt sauce (bouranee baunjan) would be a great complement to your lamb dish. Lamb and eggplant are a match made in heaven.

        Couscous mixed with my yogurt seems a bit mushy to me. If you want to have something similar, you can make boondi raita from chickpea flour balls to serve aside a rice pilaf with sliced almonds and crunchy vegetables. Cinnamon and cumin-scented carrot salad will give the rest of the plate a Moroccan flair.