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Jun 3, 2014 07:55 AM

Seafood places for non seafood lovers.

My wife and I are driving from Boston to Bar Harbor in late August. I really like seafood but my wife dislikes all seafood. Is anyone aware of any good lobster pounds or anything similar that also have decent non seafood options?

We are staying one night in Portland and 2 nights in Boothbay Harbor. We'll be traveling along coast pretty much the whole way so any locations are appreciated. Only thing is we will not be eating between Boston and Portland since we will be making that drive between lunch and dinner.

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  1. I sympathize...I live in Portland and my husband is a seafood hater.

    Most places in Portland are mixed--you don't need to go to a seafood centric restaurant to get good seafood. And the only place we've ever had to ask for something off menu without fish to be prepared is Street & Co. (which I wouldn't recommend, anyway, although many people seem to love it--).

    A couple good choices where the non fish options are more than just freezer burnt Sysco chicken tenders--
    The Bite Into Maine Truck at Fort Williams, with one of the best lobster rolls in town, also has really good rotating menu of non fish options--particularly the blueberry/corn/cucumber salad.
    Eventide--the chicken bun is very, very tasty, as are the dinner options, cocktails and beer list--

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      I agree that most of the places in Portland that specialize in seafood have non-seafood options. If you are going to the Portland Headlight anyway (classic photo op) then get your lobster roll fix at the truck. If you hit Eventide (after the chicken bun the non-seafood choices are very limited) add an order or the biscuits, that's right, the biscuits.

      Another place where I have a love-hate relationship is Boone's where you can get excellent oysters and fish dishes (although I dislike their crab cakes and their chowder) and they have some excellent non-seafood choices including, surprisingly, some Asian wok prepared dishes. Good beer and wines. Service is hit or miss. The menu is also screwy with both bar and a dining menus from two different kitchens so when ordering off both your server can't really course your meal so just be prepared for food to come out randomly.

    2. I would also suggest the Port Hole, which has non-seafood options, and you get the experience of sitting out on the wharf at sunset.

      1. Though a bit more upscale than a lobster shack in Boothbay Harbor, I believe you will happy dining at either the Thistle Inn and/or Ports of Italy. Each has both seafood and non seafood on the menu. The Thistle Inn has an excellent happy from 5-6PM daily with 1/2 priced drinks and then I suggest dining upstairs on the patio.

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          Both great places in Boothbay Harbor. I like the Boathouse Bistro too, and the Lobster Dock does a good job with their non-seafood items