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Jun 3, 2014 01:55 AM

Easy apps that could be a meal?

I'm going to have a few people over soon, just four of us total. One is a vegetarian. One doesn't eat pork. No one eats seafood. WTF do I make?? Not planning to have a full dinner, mainly just heavy appetizers. I'm thinking some paninis, cut up pretty small-tomato and goat, or tomato and mozz? A side of roasted cauliflower? Ummm…what? No soups, stews, or anything that constitutes a whole sit-down dinner. Finger foods, mostly. No salads of any kind, either. Any and all sugestions welcome! Thanks! (Make ahead things would be perfect!!)

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  1. invite new friends and tell the others to bring an app that they 'would' eat ..... ok kidding

    what about a pizza bar where you provide the pizza dough and sauce(s) plus a variety of toppings-let everyone create what they'd like to eat, cut up berries in a bowl and broccoli florettes cauliflower florettes, carrots and celery sticks hummus and pita chips.

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      I love that! Except…that sounds like more work for me :( Thinking more like….a few things that I could whip up, either beforehand, or quickly while they are there. The less choices they have, the less work for me (devil happy face).

    2. You could go Mediterranean

      For example, things like

      - hummus with pita wedges
      - marinated mushrooms
      - marinated olives and feta cheese
      - roasted artichoke hearts
      - roast nuts
      - cherry tomato, basil and mozarella skewers
      - pesto brushetta

      are pretty easy to make and can either be pre-prepared, or heated quickly. The roasted cauliflower would fit in well here, too.


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        Add some cheese nachos, a vegetable wrap, (cut up) and some bean salad and I think you are done.

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          gosh I thought I'd written hummus and pita...

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            I made these antipasto skewers for a party once and I made some with meat and some without. They were a huge hit and they can be made in advance.


          2. Does the vegetarian eat cheese? Is anyone off the wheat?
            Bruschetta - mozzarella, basil, olive oil, garlic, grilled eggplant, tapenade, mushroom 'pate', marinated artichokes - so pretty much your panini idea.

            Mini filo tarts with spinach and ricotta filling. Mini quiches - make them in muffin tins.

            Savoury scones.

            Small skewers of chicken (fried tofu for the vege, or for everyone instead of chicken if you're going all vegetarian), either grilled in honey and seasame glaze or accompanied by a thick satay dipping sauce.

            Summer rolls - rice paper wrappers around vermicelli, herbs and julienned vegetables.

            Vegetarian sushi rolls.

            Mini samosas and pakora.

            Stuffed vine leaves.

            Hmmm, I think I like finger food too much.

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              I love finger food too. If I had someone else to cook for me that would be how I eat all the time. As it is, I do not want to make 10 different things every day!

            2. These Mushroom Cheese Cups are wonderful. Recipe is adapted/paraphrased from a community cookbook "Potluck for 33,000 – 1993 Cookbook by Dayton’s Hudson’s and Marshall Fields Employees to benefit United Way" - Carol Kalan, Dayton’s Minneapolis

              Mushroom Cheese Cups
              (¼ recipe makes just enough for two people - 12 mini-muffin appetizers)

              1 cup chopped onion (1/4 C)
              2 cups chopped mushrooms ( ½ c – chopped stems from 8 oz fresh - can use the caps for stuffed mushrooms)
              3 T. margarine/butter (omit)
              ¾ C. shredded mozzarella cheese (3 T)
              ¼ C. grated parmesean cheese (1 T)
              ½ C. chopped fresh parsley (2 T)
              2 egg yolks, slightly beaten (1 yolk)
              1 tsp. dried oregano leaves (1/4 t.)
              (omit for us 1 tsp. salt ) (omit)
              (omit for us½ tsp. pepper) (omit)
              8 slices white bread (1 10-in. flour tortilla, or 2 slices bread)
              ½ C. margarine/butter, melted (2 T)

              Heat oven to 350 degrees F.

              (Optional – I used them uncooked – in small skillet, saute onions and mushrooms in 3 T. margarine, remove from heat) Combine onions, mushrooms, cheeses, parsley, egg yolk, oregano, salt and pepper. If using tortilla, cut tortilla into approx. 1 ½ in. squares. If using bread, remove crusts from bread and cut each slice into 4 squares. Roll flat with rolling pin. Dip each bread/tortilla square in melted butter, and place in mini-muffin cup. Fill each cup with about 1 T. mushroom-cheese mixture.

              Bake 20 – 25 minutes. Makes 32 appetizers

              Tip – cups can be prepared ahead of time, frozen and reheated.