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Jun 2, 2014 08:50 PM

Week with the Family in Newport

We are headed to Newport for a week with a bunch of family including young kids. We are renting a house in town. Our plan is to hit a bunch of the restaurants that I've found on the board either for take out when we are all with the kids or date nights when we can trade the kids off. What I'm not clear on is where to shop for the meals that we prepare at the house. I'm looking for local produce and cheeses and local, ethical, sustainable meats. What / where are the best specialty shops and markets? Best straight-forward grocery for the basics? Thanks for your suggestions!

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  1. There's a nice natural foods/ organic market right by the International Tennis Hall of Fame on Bellvue. It's called something market (can't remember...) I stopped there once for picnic supplies. A little pricy, but nice options. Also, there's a great natural foods cafe on Broadway called Keenwah--lunch only, but could come in handy if you have vegans/vegetarians/allergy-sensitive folks in your family. They do serve meat dishes too.

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      And meant to include the link to www.farmfresh.org. That's a great resource for local foods. They have listings by town. I'd look in Newport, Middletown, and possibly Jamestown. Have a good trip!

    2. You could visit the farmers markets. There is one on Saturday mornings at the Newport Winery and Vineyard in Middletown and Wednesday afternoons on Memorial Blvd in Newport.


      There is also a nice wine/cheese shop on Bellevue across from the Hotel Viking


      1. Sweet berry farm in Middletown has local beef and their own small produce selection. They also sell Susanna's ice cream, house made quiche and some prepared foods.

        1. there is a stop & Shop in town - next to tennis hall of fame. also a Shaw's market close in Middletown

          you can buy fish at Anthony's in middletown - that is also fro good, cheap seafood with the kiddies