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Jun 2, 2014 06:55 PM

5 days in Tokyo solo -- 3 star Michelin recs?

Plan mostly on stumbling from izakaya to izakaya but would like to try a 3-star Japanese resto. Appreciate recommendations on which would be most appropriate for a solo Western traveller with little (read: no) command of Japanese, but a reverence and respect for the food. Thanks!

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    1. As for me, that will be a sushi. There is nothing more luxurious than sushi, pieces being created in front of your eyes, each piece prepared differently, that is the high end sushis ! Try sushi Yoshitake, counter is small, the chef is very open, you will enjoy it !

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        Yes, certainly a great option too!

        1. re: Gargle

          Thanks! My hotel had the same recommendation (Yoshitake) and I was able to get a seat tonight.