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Jun 2, 2014 05:58 PM

Ft Myers Beach Rec's Needed

In a few weeks, my wife and I will be in town from Baltimore visiting her parents and grandmom in the Ft Myers Beach area.

We are looking for some recommendations for one nice dinner out, casual meals (lunch/dinner), ethic (Cuban in particular), craft beer spots, etc.

We are very much into local, honest, cuisine whether it be fine dining or a hole in the wall. One caveat, my wife is vegetarian, but she can usually adapt and figure out something from most kitchens.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. My usual website research hasn't gotten me very far as of yet, but I know I can always count on fellow 'Hounds.


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  1. When I stay on the beach I hit the following for seafood.
    South Beach grill-Santini Plaza south end of the island
    Fish house.behind Santini Plaza,casual lunch spot on the Marina
    Bayfront Bistro-mid island,behind Publix on the marina.Nice outside patio.
    Fresh catch bistro-mid island ocean side.I gavent bee to myself,but frineds really like it.
    SOB-times square are-casual outdoor restaurant/bar
    Doc fords-under the bridge on the bay
    Flippers-on the bay at Lovers key resort,south end of island going toward Bonita neach

    1. i like pincher's for FRIED SHRIMP. not coconut shrimp, not bang bang-clone shrimp, etc.

      best cuban is in cape coral -- worth the drive. monday lunch special is terrific. get the tostones !

      1. Fort Myers Beach is not a place for Cuban food. I can think of no place that has actual vegetarian options. Bayfront Bistro would make an entree if requested ahead. That is my choice for a nice evening. I find it is prettier to watch the sun set on the bay behind the restaurant than to fry in the summer heat facing west.

        No craft beer spots. Fort Myers Beach is more a Budweiser spot.

        Flippers is great for breakfast and watching dolphins.

        I think the Pinchers on Fort Myers beach is dreadful. Others are better, just not this one. It is a small florida chain that is in rapid expansion.

        Doc Ford's can be nice. They will probably make a cuban type veggie entree now that I think of it. Not vegan, however.

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        1. re: LilMsFoodie

          i stand by my fired shrimp recommendation at pincher's. cannot vouch for other food there.

        2. Thanks for all of the recommendaitons thus far.

          It appears our Thursday dinner is lined up. Looks like we're driving down to Naples for a meal at HB's On The Gulf. (My in-laws chose the spot.) Any thoughts?

          Otherwise, I'm thinking we're going to be pretty local to Ft. Myers Beach and casual the rest of the stay, so Doc Ford's, etc. look to be good options.

          If anyone else has more suggestions, I'm still all ears. And of course I'll write up a brief note on our meals to let everyone know how we made out.


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          1. re: LawnBoy06

            curious choice but it is on the water. There are several gulf front restaurants there in the hotels. hb's is a hotel restaurant.


            1. re: LilMsFoodie

              Yeah, it was my wife's parents who made the call on HB's (and they're not food people), so I was a little aprehensive. The menu looks manageable/decent, so I'm assuming it won't be horrible...

              They probably picked it because of the "on the water" aspect.

          2. It is fun to see the Edison Lab and estate. Downtown Fort Myers has some cool looking places, like Gwendolyn's Cafe.