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Best Ice Cream in NYC

I love ice cream and was wondering what everyone's opinion was on the best ice cream in the city. I appreciate funky flavors as well as your basic standards as long as quality is there. Are there any that are destination worthy? Opinions on gelato and frozen yogurt are also welcome

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  1. L'Arte del Gelato
    Laboratorio del Gelato

    The gelato at Lupa is also very good.

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        The OP invited opinions on gelato as well It wouldn't hurt to read his post carefully.

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        Fyi there's a Grom cart!!
        Spotted on the east side of central park along 5th ave around 70th-75th just yesterday.

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          Is that the one on the other side of 5th avenue across the street from the Guggenheim?

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Yes, that sounds right! Will be a great option to the crummy ice cream from carts around/in the park this summer

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            I spotted one on the other side of the park on Sunday. 77th st next to the Natural History museum

            1. re: Ziggy41

              Wonder if its two carts or the same guy just moved.....?

            1. Oddfellows opened on 4th bet. 2nd and 3rd in late May. I made it over there this weekend and really enjoyed the pb & j and my wife's honey & blueberry. Waffle cones were being made to order. Really excellent.

              1. If you will consider soft serve as ice cream (some do, some don't), then consider Milk Bar.

                Currently, I think some of Milk Bar's offerings are the best cold dairy desserts the city has to offer these days, esp. if you want your ice cream on the savory side.

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                  What other flavors do the have these days other than the cereal flavor which I thought was overhyped.

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                    soft serve** …$4.50

                    cereal milk™
                    cranberry limeade (ev
                    )fruit cocktail (uws)
                    huckleberry cheesecake (wb)
                    yuzu verbena (mt)
                    mandarin creamsicle (cg)

                    **some items and flavors are location specific ev= east village, mt= midtown, uws= upper west side, cg= carroll gardens, wb= williamsburg

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                      Agreed. I always like Milk Bar's flavors, but about a month ago, I had a strawberry dessert at Momofuku Noodle Bar with Ritz cracker soft serve. The combination was amazing.

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                        im hoping they bring back red velvet soft serve or cream cheese frosting...its been awhile and those are my favorite ice creams ever.

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                          The only ice cream I had at Milk Bar that I ever found especially good was rosemary, and they haven't had it for years, as far as I know.

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                            RE Milkbar softserves: Their flavors are hit or miss.

                            For the current line up, the limeade (EV) and fruit salad (UWS) flavors are nice and refreshing. Some past flavours were either too bland (toast and jam - was so excited to try this combination, but ended up throwing most of it out, as it tasted of nothing) or too savory for my liking. I'm hoping she brings back the sour patch kids flavor :D

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                              When I was in Toronto a few weeks ago, I had the "double double" soft serve at Milk Bar. LOVED this flavor! It's a sweet coffee flavor. Wish they bring this to NYC (more specifically the Ma Peche Milk Bar location since it's the closest to my office, and it would make a wonderful afternoon break for me).

                    2. -Big Gay Ice Cream Shop could be interesting.
                      -Amorino is my overall favorite (here and in France)
                      -Laboratorio del Gelato has some wild flavors

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                        I love Laboratorio del Gelato, and the counterpeople provide excellent service.

                        I went once to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. I found their ice cream rather ordinary. I think they're all about the toppings; am I wrong?

                        1. re: Pan

                          Agreed. Their vanilla ice cream base is pretty bland.

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                            Yep, thats the impression I got. Its all about those funky extras

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                            How can you say that (re: France)? Berthillon rules!

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                              Berthillon is one of the places I miss most in Paris.

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                              Do you know if Amorino uses imported gelato from France or do they make them here with local ingredients?

                            3. If you want to consider goats milk ice cream try Victory Garden.

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                                Don't forget the new Morgenstern's. Had some interesting flavors when we stopped by the other night.

                              2. Had a nice mascarpone with figs Gelato @ Ti Amo recently

                                Nocciola @ L’Arte del Gelato

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                                  L'Arte del Gelato it seems changed owners, and has a new name.

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                                      The one on Bleecker St is now Dolce Gelato, after the two partners parted ways.

                                      1. re: kathryn

                                        Ahhh,,, yeah that's the only one I knew. Thanks for the info.. The gelato tastes the same as it did before the name change

                                  1. Just had pandan flavor ice cream from Chinatown ice cream factory. This is my 2nd time tasting pandan flavor dessert and I am in love.

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                                      Yum, in China it's called xiang lan, and it's used in coconut pudding.

                                    2. SkyIce in Park Slope makes a lot of delicious and unique Thai-inspired flavors.


                                      1. http://firstwefeast.com/eat/best-ice-...

                                        My favorite ice cream (in SF is Humphrey Slocombe) in NYC:
                                        Odd Fellows
                                        and the Wafels and Dinges cart...Speculoos on the cone with chocolate fudge inside.

                                        I've tried all that was listed on that above link.

                                        1. Update:

                                          Nocciola @ L’Arte del Gelato
                                          Nocciola @ Amorino

                                          Anyone wants to guess whats my favorite flavor?

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                                          1. re: Ziggy41

                                            Gonna go with Amorino.

                                            Not sure whether my guess is based on your prior posting indicating a preference for L'Arte or the results of my own taste test between the two.

                                            In my case, the flavor battle was over Straticella and imo, Amorino was the clear winner.

                                            1. re: was_bk

                                              Well, I was just asking about my favorite flavor overall but with the lack of a smiley I can see why you thought otherwise. The plan was for someone to say "Nocciola?" And for me to reply "no, vanilla!"

                                              But, I can't argue with your pick. Amorino was probably the most intense of the 2 and it least made the Nocciola at Sundae and Cones the other day seem very pedestrian suddenly

                                              I also like Luca and Bosco at Essex Market

                                              1. re: Ziggy41

                                                I had the chocolate nocciola at Il Lab yesterday and it tasted like a cold Baci candy, delicious.

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                                                  I was going to guess Pistachio. Anyway , Amorino is my go-to place, however , it has gotten so popular and the lines so long , sometimes I just pass on it and drive over to L'arte del Gelato ( i forget if that's the new name or their old name).
                                                  Had some good gelato or was it ice cream? at Frisco on 2nd Ave. EV. was good.
                                                  For unique flavor, the ice cream outside The Odeon has a stand. They have Banana Graham flavor and it's delicious. As a matter of fact, I'm going their now.
                                                  Strangest flavors are at the Labortorio del Gelato. Pepper flavor is good their.
                                                  Big Gay Ice Cream Shop has some strange stuff in general.

                                            2. Turkish coffee gelato @ Laboratorio.

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                                                No Turkish cofee tonight but a great black mission fig and a passion fruit gelato that was like a tart punch in the chops. The key lime pie was too suble in the lime department for me though the graham cracker crumble was a nice touch.

                                              2. I vote Sundaes and Cones, E. 10th st

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                                                  What are your favorite flavors there? I recently enjoyed a mango/ginger combo very much.

                                                2. newcomer "Mikey Likes It" ice cream in the East Village is definitely worth mentioning. They have a pecan ice cream with pecan pie chunks that's excellent. They also have ice cream waffle sandwiches that are super good.

                                                  1. Anyone tried ice cream from the new Neuhaus chocolate shop?

                                                    1. Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream @ Morgenstern's.

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                                                        Luxardo Cherry at same place and tomato feta swirl at Hay Rosie.