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Jun 2, 2014 03:46 PM

Does Costco cheesecake freeze well?

I will buy tomorrow one of Costco's 5 pounder cheese cakes. This should last me a month or two, question is does it freeze well? I plan on cutting it into manageable slices and freezing it. How and in what should I wrap and store it and will it remain yummy?

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  1. Yes, it freezes well. Our local Costco does not have a kosher bakery, so we buy two at a time in Westchester. One we freeze whole. The other we portion into slices, wrap in a good quality clingwrap, then place in individual ZipLoc bags (not the cheap copies). The bags are placed on a tray to freeze solid and once frozen we place them into a large flat Tupperware type container in the freezer. We also freeze other cake in this manner. Mrs B and the daughters like to be able to pull individual slices when they are in the mood.

    When my mother was still living in her own, she always kept a Costco Cheesecake in the freezer in case she decided to have guests in. She stopped driving at 87 and didn't want to ask someone to take her to Costco just to get a cheesecake. She had one of the cards from my business, and in 20 years of having the card, cheesecake is the only thing she ever bought at Costco.

    I laugh about this because mom made the best cheesecake, but stopped when she retired to Florida, said she couldn't get good baking results in the electric ovens down there. Up north she always had gas ovens.

      1. Cheesecakes are (generally)
        known for freezing well. COSTCO plain 5 lbs has a Graham crust, which freezes better than a pastry crust. I don't think COSTCO sells any with a pastry (pie style) crust. If for some reason you want to skip the crust (avoiding wheat for example), it splits away easily when sliced and then frozen. When you take out a slice, turn it on it's side and use a knife to split it off.
        Most cakes, except creme filled, or airy, such as creme puffs, will freeze a year.

        1. I've frozen it for 6 months at a time. One time it was deeply discounted, so we bought them out and threw them into our chest freezer for at least 6 months.

          I would even venture to say that you could open them, pull out a slice, seal it up well and put it back in.

          1. Just bumping this up to remind folks that one does not have to eat all 5 pounds of the Costco cheesecake over shavous to enjoy the benefit of getting a great cake at a great price.