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Jun 2, 2014 03:04 PM

poached egg and avocado

I love this creamy combination and have made the avocado into guacamole with the poached eggs and it's been yummy, but I'm looking for more ideas with these two items that will not add a ton of calories and will be good for breakfast; Any ideas?

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  1. A hash of Mexican chorizo, onion, and sweet potatoes topped with a poached egg and diced avocado!

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    1. re: zeldaz51

      This is an absolutely beautiful dish, I use a small amount of diced Jalapeno, it is tasty. The avocados are beautiful and also cause great body fat loss.

    2. How about a poached egg served atop sautéed fresh spinach, or a grilled sliced of beefsteak tomato, or both, then topped with a smoothed out guacamole...voila- Bennieguaca!

      1. How about a "purist" approach? Baked or steamed avocado halves with an egg in the center:

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        1. re: Kris in Beijing

          I eat this all the time, sprinkled with sumac.

        2. Crabmeat on avocado fan with a crispy fried soft boiled egg.

          1. Raw avocado half (without the skin)
            Squeeze over lime juice, sprinkle with kosher salt
            Add the egg to the center
            A little hot sauce, with cilantro takes it over the top.