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Lil Miss BBQ PHX

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I'm certainly no BBQ expert, but I'm pretty damn picky about where I spend my food dollars. I pulled off god knows where in PHX letting Yelp tell me where to eat - something about a sandwicherie I think - and out of the corner of my eye I saw a line of people behind a metal fence. I turned expecting to see a welfare line or migrant farmers and quickly realized it was a BBQ joint with a line at 11:45 on a Tuesday - Slam on Breaks! u-Turn!

We happened upon Lil Miss BBQ (http://www.littlemissbbq.com/). Short story - the guy is a trained chef from Scottsdale Culinary Academy. He got disenfranchised with the business in particular the hours, and started entering BBQ competitions. As he improved (recently ranked 40th) he opened this little shop. Father-in-law was manning the smoker which really meant gabbing up the folks in line, and two guys and a wife inside. My food writer friend with me said it was no Franklins but we both agreed it was fantastic. Best BBQ I've had...well...maybe ever. I had the brisket and jalepeƱo grits - and I asked for the fatty end. Great stuff. They were sold out by 12:30...3 people after us.

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  1. This is by far the best brisket I've ever had and sets the bar well higher than any other barbeque I've had in PHX metro.

    They open at 11am and the line starts forming well before that. (Closed Sun and Mon)

    On Thurs they do a smoked pastrami that is also killer.

    Can't say enough good things about what they are doing there.