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Katagiri to reopen this Thursday

After a very quick renovation, they are to reopen this Thursday which is a great news for me as I work in the area.
According to their flyer, they will carry US kobe beef and seafood. They will have prepared food sold by weight(can't wait for this as my lunch option) as well as their famous sushi section. They will also have Hamada-ya bakery which is my favorite Japanese bakery(also have a location in Mitsuwah in NJ). Their milk bread and danish pastry bread are to die for.

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  1. Hope this renovation is more exciting than the one they did two years ago (or so). Wish they carried the bread and rolls from Zaiya. Just managing my expectations but hope I am pleasantly surprised. Mitsuwa is great...wish they had a satellite store in NYC...maybe in K-town or the E. Village.

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    1. re: olympusnyc

      Hamada-ya is so much better than Zaiya's bread.

      1. re: Monica

        Then I expect to be pleasantly surprised!

    2. Please update this thread with your thoughts! I've stopped in a number of times but was always a bit disappointed with the selection of non sushi prepared food...

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      1. re: Ttrockwood

        Have you tried Dainobu and Sunrise?

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          I've been to sunrise any number of times, but its nowhere near the e50s....

          Dainobu looks great! I haven't been there before...any vegetarian favorites i should try first?

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            Re: Dianobu - To be honest with you, I haven't paid much attention other than that there are numerous non-sushi offerings. Also, I find their prices better than Katagiri.

            Re: Sunrise....there is one one on E. 41st bet Mad and 5th...not too far from the E 50s....a couple of stores west of Zaiya.

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              I forgot if vegetarians eat fish but if you do, they have a lot of broiled fish options...prepackaged and ready to go but in summer, I tried to avoid them as I got sick from eating those factory made and delivered lunch boxes from Japanese markets.

              For fish quality vs price ratio, you can't beat Katagiri's sushi that's made right there. it's really one of the best bargains in the city, imo.

              1. re: Monica

                No fish for me but i'm sure the veg sushi is good if the fish sushi is! I always seem to need lunch in the area and sushi is so perfect in the summer....

        2. Monica, a bit unrelated, but Tres Carnes also just opened nearby. It's on 57th & 3rd. I've been wanting to try them since they opened in Chelsea but never was her at the right time.

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            thank you...will try it soon when I am really hungry. =)

          2. Terrific news. This reminds me I still have to use all the stuff I bought when they had their clearance sale. Guess it's yuzukosho for dinner tonight.

            1. Walked past it today and took a quick look inside. Sigh....another disappointing Katagiri renovation. Some re-design (registers now adjacent to the entrance) but it actually seems smaller/less shelves for product. Meat refrigerator case seems larger, produce section seems smaller. Even the prepared foods case seems smaller. Ironically, I saw two girls walk past the store carrying H-mart bags....perhaps an omen.

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                I am going there for lunch today. i will report back. I really hope they have good storemade sold by lb buffet style Japanese food. If not, I will walk out with a package of chirashi sushi and redbean cream pastry from Hamada-ya.

              2. I just came back and I must say it was a rather disappoitment.
                First of all, I didn't see any prepared food which was the biggest letdown for me as I was looking forward to it. Maybe they are still working on it.
                They also had like 2 bags of whole wheat bread from Hamada ya bakery..maybe it's all sold out yesterday?
                Lastly, their new register lines(there are only 2 now) are inefficient and slowwww..despite their new machines.
                Another disappointment was the quality of sushi rice..it was soggy and mushy.
                I ended up buying some snacks and a package of sushi.
                One positive note is that prices of groceries seemed less...maybe it's me..
                Actually I just checked the reciept and everything was taken off by 10% except the sushi...yay!

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                1. re: Monica

                  Well, good to know I was not seeing it out of a totally different lens. On the other hand, sorry that we were both disappointed with the renovation. I wish I knew what they were thinking. Oh well, Mitsuwa on the agenda for this weekend.

                2. I went in on Friday and saw some additional prepared foods (shrimp tempura, battered and grilled fish) but, not enough of a difference.

                  I also agree that there seem to be less merchandise. The layout may just take a bit of time to get used to, though. (For example, the snacks are no longer located on one row.) On a positive (and non-food) note, it was nice to see them carry more personal care/beauty items.

                  1. Oh, do you mean Boloniya bread will now be available at Katagiri? That's a bonus.

                    Can't say I ever cared for the service at Katagiri though.

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                      I just bought some cream pan...very good. This is the best Asian bakery in US, imo.
                      They had a small fridge filled with fried and grilled fish and chicken and some vege to take out but nothing very interesting. I just bought a container of chirashi and some snacks and some small groceries. Love fried sweet potato snack in grocery section.

                    2. I stopped by to see if Katagiri has started stocking hot foods and indeed they have. There was a selection of croquettes in the glass case near some karaage. Donburi were stored cold in the fridge. All in all, nothing all that impressive. Tomiya, the tiny Japanese convenience store on 53rd, actually has a better selection of donburi. I'll still go to Katagiri for sushi, but Tomiya wins the reasonably-priced hot lunch category.

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                        I always pass by Tomiya but didn't realize they sold donburi. thanks for the tip.