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Jun 2, 2014 12:39 PM

40th Birthday Party in Baltimore - Venue Search

I'm trying to plan my husband's 40th - looking for a unique venue that can hold about 100 people. Ideally we'd love some place where we can bring in our own food/liquor (he wants either a food truck or a pig roast - but since his bday is in April I don't think we'll do a pig roast) but we would consider a restaurant/bar if it's got a fun vibe, good beer, and not stuffy. So far the only place I can think of is The Elm in Hampden. Any other suggestions? For his 30th we rented out a duck pin bowling alley in Rogers Forge so that is a possibility again but parking is a pain there. But that's the generally vibe we're going for.

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  1. What about the Museum of Industry? I've been to a few events there-- one directly inside the museum and one in a tent on the water. It's a great venue, and you can bring in whatever you want.

    1. Two sets of suggestions -- one that may be bigger than you're looking for, and one smaller:

      1. Bigger: We had parties following our children's bar and bat mitzvahs at the Enoch Pratt; the Museum of Industry; and the carriage house (stables?) at the Evergreen House on North Charles Street. They were all terrific. The carriage house might be the smallest. For each of them, you can discuss/negotiate the food/drink you want to serve/bring in. The M of I's parking lot would faciliaite having food trucks there.

      2. Smaller: We attended a birthday party at the SoBo Cafe in Federal Hill. Great fodd, simple, nice space. May be too small for you.

      Yesterday I had lunch at a slightly larger spot, By Degrees Cafe at Central and Eastern Avenues. Simple, attractive space and great food. If they could fit you in there, would be a good venue.