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Jun 2, 2014 11:17 AM

Bars to watch World Cup in St. Louis

A few friends and I are going to be in Saint Louis during the upcoming World Cup. What are some great bars to watch the games at? Only requirement is that they have a TV and generally low prices. Near public transit or places that have great food would be nice, but not necessary.

Generally games are on during the day - 11AM, 2PM, 5PM are the start times.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Surprised you haven't had more response to this. For food, consider the Scottish Arms, in what they're trying to call Silicon Prairie, between SLU and the WashU Med School, just off Forest Park Avenue. Good pub food and a fine selection of the liquid of their native land, and serious about the footy, to boot. There's another spot on Tower Grove in South St. Louis whose name eludes me but if you're after food - and this is between the Forest Park and Lindell bus lines, speaking of public transport - it's the Arms for ye.

    1. The place in tower grove neighborhood is called Amsterdam Tavern (on Morganford rd). Also try Barristers in downtown clayton. Lots of good (and pricey) food options there. My last pick would be OB Clark's (on brentwood)

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        Ah, good. Couldn't remember the name for Amsterdam. Are they serving food or bringing it in from elsewhere - or has the bottle of wine I downed tonight frazzled the rest of my remaining 91 brain cells? Amsterdam prides itself on its footie fanship.

      2. STL is not short for great bars. ya want a dumpy bar, a grumpy bar, a slick bar, scenester bar, an oldster bar, someplace you could take your mom or someplace you would never?

        it's a complex question that requires some triangulation.

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        1. re: hill food

          hill food, I am in awe of your bar classifications. I will now feel the need to define every bar I enter. I'm rooting for dumpy, grumpy and occasionally scenester, though by rights I really ought to patronize oldsters. I don't have the wardrobe for slick.

        2. Hope the mods won't have a problem w/ this, but it just went up on the STL Post-Dispatch website.

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            they seem to be ok with simple links, just not massive quotes (ahem attributed plagiarism)

            unless you like shopping malls and airports, I'd skip Ballpark Village...

            the Moolah? well why not?

            a few friends are going to St. Ambrose on the Hill on Saturday for some $20/head party, dunno what that includes (they'll be rooting for Italy naturally)