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Jun 2, 2014 10:57 AM

Looking for a Tamagoyaki Pan in YYC

I have been looking for a tamagoyaki pan but not having any luck here in Calgary and shipping on ebay from Japan is a little costly, anyone know of a local store that carries them, any help would be appreciated

thank you

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  1. Try:

    1. Airirang.
    2. Food equipment suppliers like Crown, Hendrix or Russell.
    3. Your local sushi chef/restaurant or Izakaya.

    1. Never used a special pan. A round pan is fine, just slide egg pancake onto cutting board, roll up, slice into strips.

      1. In the DC area, I see "toast sized" pans everywhere for $1/$5.
        No, they don't have the special curve.
        However, now that I have one, I wouldn't buy a "real" tamagoyaki pan unless it was also under $5.
        Expand your search to "bachelor pans" or small toast/sandwich pans and you'll be happily rolling eggs in no time : )

        Look at this as a google image search:
        mini square frying pan

        Kris now in DC/NoVA

        1. Thought I'd look on eBay and found one for $12 and another for $17, including shipping, from Japan. Seems cheap to me, and in fact they were the least expensive square frying pans listed.