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Jun 2, 2014 10:42 AM

Canteen...really, a toast bar?

this is really a trend? pay an establishment so I can toast bread myself?

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  1. remember Ship's in California?

    let us not forget, toasters were the smart phones of their age....

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    1. re: zfwp

      When we lived in SoCal a few years ago, we went to this joint for breakfast:


      They did have toasters on every table, but it was part of their down-home shtick, I think. At least we had our own toaster. The description of Canteen -- with toasters on the bar so you can line up to toast your bread -- sounds more like the breakfast rush at a Hampton Inn.

    2. Great idea to base your business on selling cheap items to people that loaf about for 6 hours.

      Wasn't their toasts the big deal with Bachelor Farmer when they opened?

      "Local" and "provisions" on their sign makes me want to barf the most. Portlandia sketch incoming.

      1. So the comments here are part of the " powerful counter-frenzy"? :)

        I do question the business model - selling something cheap to people that sit around for 6 hours and don't want to buy an expensive $10 sandwich. I hope their rent is low.