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Join me for Eleven madison Park, Per Se, La bernardin

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Hi everyone
I have made reservations for 2 in these places this weekend.
My friend eventually cannot come and it would be a sad thing to cancel.
Anyone here wants to join me?
These are my reservations:

Eleven madison Park on june 6th at 17:30
Per Se on june 7th at 22:00
And la bernardin on june 9th lunch at 12:45


  1. Wish I could if I were in NYC. Before canceling, why not call the restaurants and ask if you could reduce the # of guests down to one? Sometimes they allow it.

    1. I'd be interested in the emp res on june 6th at 17:30. Please provide your email.

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      1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

        Hi, you can send me a message on Loon76@gmail.com

      2. EMP and Per Se accept solos all the time, since you are still within the grace period for cancelling you would probably be able to modify the rez unless of course you don't like dining alone.

        1. As others have said, all of these places do solos all the time.

          While this is a generous offer, I'm not so sure whether I would want to spend upwards of 4 hours (e.g. EMP dinner) with a stranger -- either as the host or the blind invited guest.

          This isn't meant as a slam on anyone. It's just that if I'm going to be sitting and eating with someone for 1/6 of a day, I really *want* it to be with someone who I know I will enjoy being with.

          (And this is like the OP's first ever post.)

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            solid point.

            but i guess i'd sit through a free meal for 2.5 hours if it's somewhere i otherwise would not be able to gain entrance to.

            as such.

            1. re: kevin

              what makes you think it's "a free meal"?

              1. re: ipsedixit

                "While this is a generous offer,"

                but i guess i was surely mistaken.

                1. re: kevin

                  Uh, that's what I said, and I'm not the OP.

              2. re: kevin

                I'm 99% certain the OP is not footing the entire bill :) The OP may correct me if I'm wrong.

            2. Enjoy. I hope you get to meet some interesting people.

              1. Welcome to chow hound.

                Are you offering to treat strangers to dinner, as payment for companionship? Or do we need to bring our checkbook as well as pithy conversation topics?

                1. I'd love to go to Per Se, as I'll be in town and you're treating and my spouse is busy that night.

                  But what happens when you decide 10 minutes into the meal, that you really don't like me all that much. It could be a very long few hours.

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                  1. re: Bellachefa

                    We'll, I'm not treating,
                    if you're interested
                    id love to talk to you over the phone and if it fits is both we'll meet up

                    1. re: loony

                      Cool. Thanks for the clarification.

                  2. Did any take notice of the OP's screen name? :)

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                    1. re: ttoommyy

                      of course, as well as the email address and lack of phone number to chat, and military times. could be legit. could be an adventurous food lover, but

                      1. re: Bellachefa

                        The lack of phone guys is because Im a traveler and my phone uses roaming charges.
                        My name is Alon, im from Israel.
                        Im happy to give my number by email and text you :)

                        1. re: loony

                          but I thought we were going to talk over the phone to make sure we are a good fit seeing as you are not treating? now you just want to text? enjoy my company, and split the bill? Will you be ordering expensive wine and cocktails? What percentage do you usually tip? what is it that you are actually bringing to the table for a stranger to share their time and money to entertain you?

                          1. re: Bellachefa

                            And you don't have to cancel.

                            You can always hit up the two-top on your own and sit at the table on your own.

                            Another way if you want companionship is get there early, grab a bar seat, chat up the guest at the bar, and if you strike up a conversation with any of them and there interesting in eating with you at a table, then there you go. problem solved.

                            or just cancel.

                            i know you'd have a lot of takers if the meal was comped by you but that's not the case here, of course.

                            good luck.

                      2. re: ttoommyy

                        I kind of love the idea of a self-proclaimed "loony" going to dinner with "SomeRandomIdiot." It could be a very interesting meal.

                        1. re: foodiemom10583

                          I was thinking the same thing. That is pretty hilarious.

                          On another note. I have had 2-3hr dinners with Ch'ers i've met for the first time and it was enjoyable. The main thing is the food, not necessarily who you're with. I would consider it, but I am not in the mood for those places. I do speak Hebrew though :)

                      3. doesn't a '22:00' per se reservation mean that you'll still be eating past 2:00 am?

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                        1. re: MarieLuncheonette

                          I had a 10 p.m. reservation once and we finished shortly after 1 a.m.

                          This has been the most amusing thread!

                        2. Wow, NYC chowhounds, tough crowd.

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                          1. re: charmedgirl

                            that's what i was going to say but you beat me to the punch.

                          2. Folks, we're going to lock this thread. If you'd like to reach out to the original poster at the email address he provided, please feel free, but the ongoing discussion is getting pretty unfriendly.