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Jun 2, 2014 07:17 AM

Trader Joe's in Burlington, VT

I've been in two Trader Joe's before. One in CA and one in ME. This one seems like the other two, which isn't a bad thing. :)

I bought a lot of stuff to try out from there. There was a fair amount of what appeared to be sustainably farmed meats that are in the range of "I might be able to buy some of this" but still fairly highly priced for day to day purchase (for us). There's a lot of interesting stuff in the freezer case, though. :)

It will go into rotation as a regular stop on our monthly trip up to Costco. :)

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  1. Welcome to the cult! You can post your reviews on this monthly thread on the Chains board:

    I just got some really good white peaches at the Portland store, which is surprising since the produce is so hit-or-miss.

    1. Love Trader Joe's but do not buy my meat or produce there. It is far from local-comes from a LONG way away. For local stuff I head next door to Healthy Living.
      Trader Joe's is GREAT for pantry stuff - snacks, sauces, marinades, nuts etc. Good freezer meals too for when you don't feel like cooking. I love their Tea Tree Shampoo. The Orange Chicken (frozen) is really good. Other favorites are the Soyaki Marinade and the Sea Salted Dark Chocolate Caramels-YUM.
      I've rotated it in to my weekly shopping routine!

      1. Morgana - I've become a big fan of TJ's. I shop at the one in Nashua, but not frequently as it's about an hour away. I make an event of it and take a cooler (for the frozen stuff) and often end up spending a couple-hundy +

        It has taken me a couple of years and perhaps 15 visits to find the magic. Once people understand it's not a place to do ALL your shopping, but rather an accompaniment to adventurous eating, then they might finally "get" Trader Joe's.

        I have many, many TJ's items in my regular rotation now, and keep adding more because of the Chow Trader Joe's thread where I find feedback on various TJ's products.

        It just takes some time to familiarize oneself with their offerings (as many are unique and different) to become a fan. People who are "picky eaters," rather than the adventurous eaters are generally less enthralled with Trader Joe's from my observations.