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Cast iron; what is this?

4 lbs., handle does not move, but can be pried off, 9.5" x 8". 3 small nobs form "feet" to keep it steady and off a surface. Found it at a Deep South estate sale. "SAS" imprint on the bottom.

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  1. I think it's a trivet.

    1. It seems to have the advantages of a trivet...except that handle that's in the way! My alternate path of inquiry is that it's a cast iron stove part.

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        Can you slide an iron skillet under the handle?

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          Thought of that, after watching "Drive-ins, Diners, & Dives." The smooth underside is easier to clean than the pebbly topside.

        2. I was going to say a trivet until I read that you have pointed out about handle, then I was going to say some kind of a press, but your response to knifesavers makes a lot of sense that it is not the best design for that.

          1. I have the good people over at Collectors Weekly looking at this, also.

            1. Could the handle be on backwards ?

              1. It's the "charcoal" grate that goes under the grill of a gas barbecue. The handle thingy sort of holds up the grill part and also allows you to lift it out to clean underneath. A regular size barbecue will have two of those.

                1. It is one of two bottom pieces of the grill insert for a Jenn Air. When we moved in to our house, there was a circa 1980s Jenn Air cook top with all the accessories. Two of these went into the bottom of the grill and the electric element went between these and the grill. A giant pain in the @ss to clean, I think I used the grill twice.

                  See item Electric Grill Cartridge
                  - A158 - JEA8000ADB

                  On this website - http://www.appliance411.com/parts/pop... it is shown along side the grill and element.

                  Ok, this thread is taking me down memory lane.


                  I loved that cooktop and still curse the day I let my non-cooking husband replace it with the much hated glass top.

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                      Hi cleobeach,

                      Great eye! I remember my parents having these until they replaced their cooktop with some sort of glass top as well.

                      At least they've redone their kitchen again and now have an enormous 7 burner (I think?) monstrosity that's a lot of fun to use.

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                        I thought that Jenn Air was the end all, be all of kitchen appliances when we bought that house. I was a young bride/beginning cook at the time and never saw such a wonder in person.

                        I wanted to love the grill feature so much but it was a nightmare.

                        Those rock plates were such a pain in the butt to store as well as clean.

                        They moved from the cabinet to cabinet to cabinet to the cellar to the garage until I finally reconciled the fact that I was never going to use them again.

                        I also never used the rotisserie or griddle plug ins.

                        But that downdraft was so powerful, it would pull papers off the counter.

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                        Yesyesyes! Sorry - my previous answer was wrong. I knew it was familiar but forgot what it was. I actually have that grill still. I've taken out the guts and covered the unit with a cutting bird but would like to get rid of it altogether. I have the pieces stored in a cupboard. I probably used it about 20 times altogether, until we got a gas grill outside. Total pain in the butt to clean and it became a crap-trap for every crumb and piece of gunk that fell into it.

                      3. Mystery solved! Good job, everybody! Thanks for the many links to photos, descriptions, prices. Next, I will alert Collectors Weekly of your solution while praising chow.com. BTW, there is a JennAir oven/stove/grill in the huge kitchen where the estate sale was held. The multi-bedroom, two-story home on 5 acres asking price is $285,000. I paid $3 for the grill insert. I should return it...