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Jun 1, 2014 04:21 PM

Expand this list to 25? AROUND THE WORLD IN 10 DC RESTAURANTS

Thrillist has this article about international restaurants in DC:

What 15 other restaurants from what 15 other countries would you add?

Here's their list, in their order:
1. CUBA Mi Cuba Cafe, Columbia Heights
2. EGYPT Mama Ayesha's, Adams Morgan
3. ERITREA Dahlak, Dupont Circle
4. ETHIOPIA Queen of Sheba, Shaw
5. GHANA Bokum Cafe, Adams Morgan
6. LAOS Bangkok Golden, Falls Church, VA
7. NEPAL Himalayan Heritage, Adams Morgan
8. SERBIA Ambar, Barracks Row
9. URUGUAY Fast Gourmet, U Street
10. FINLAND Embassy of Finland, Embassy Row

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  1. I guess the theme here is cuisines that are not obviously or widely represented. I'm not sure what the heck they are doing listing the Embassy of Finland since it is not a place of public accommodation. Many embassies have the possibiility of food service if you know someone, so this seems weird.

    My top 15, if limited to 1 per country:
    Jamaica, Pimento Grill, SE DC
    Senegal, Chez Auntie Libe, NW DC
    Bolivia, Luzmilla's, Falls Church
    Myanmar, Myanamar restaurant, Falls Church
    Pakistan, Toosso, Sterling
    Filipino, Fairfax Inn, Falls Church
    Ethiopian, Eyo, Falls Church
    El Salvador, Samantha's, University Park, MD
    China, Joe's Noodel House, Rockville
    Vietnam, Rice Paper, Falls Church
    India, Passage to India, Bethesda
    Japan, Izakaya Seki, DC
    Thailand, Ruan Thai, Wheaton
    Israel, Max's Felafel, Wheaton
    Palestine, Jerusalem, Falls Church

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    1. re: Steve

      Samantha's is in Silver Spring (but on University Blvd).

      1. re: Steve

        Umm...I concur with many of your recommendations, but I think the original list is restricted specifically to the district, and hence the choices (or lack of thereof)

        1. re: altan

          No, the original list has a place in falls church.

          1. re: Worldwide Diner

            Daing na bagus. (Marinated milkfish) Get this with garlic fried rice and ask for the ginger slaw - it should come with it. Maybe they even put a fried egg on it.

            2nd option is dinaguan.

            They aslo make very good jamaica (ha-my-ka) milkshakes. Hibiscus flavor.

            1. re: Steve

              Have you had their lechon and adobo chicken?

              1. re: Worldwide Diner

                I can't remember. I've had a few things there, but the two I listed are both aces. The fish is a great dish. Open only until 6pm or so.

          2. re: Steve

            Anytime I ask a restaurant question, I feel like I should say
            "Dear Steve and other DC CH's."
            Thanks again, Steve, for listing some of your incredible reservoir of knowledge!! We need some summer ChowMeets so I can partake!

            1. re: Kris in Beijing

              If you have any ideas about place/date/time, let me know. I am open to all suggestions.

          3. I would add in Jaleo for Spain, Daikaya for Japan, Le Diplomate for France, and Kapnos or Mourayo for Greece. And personally I would go to Etete for Ethiopia but I know that's always a big battle on this site.

            1. NE AMERICAN, Pearl Dive Oyster Place, Logan Circle

              1. The rec.’s so far:

                China----- Joe's Noodel House----- Rockville
                El Salvador----- Samantha's----- in Silver Spring (but on University Blvd)
                Ethiopia----- Etete
                France----- Le Diplomate
                Greece----- Kapnos
                Greece----- Mourayo
                India----- Passage to India----- Bethesda
                Israel----- Max's Felafel----- Wheaton
                Jamaica----- Pimento Grill----- SE DC
                Japan----- Daikaya
                Japan----- Izakaya Seki----- DC
                NE AMERICAN----- Pearl Dive Oyster Place----- Logan Circle
                Pakistan----- Toosso----- Sterling
                Senegal----- Chez Auntie Libe----- NW DC
                Spain----- Jaleo
                Thailand----- Ruan Thai----- Wheaton

                And a host of places in Falls Church:
                Bolivia----- Luzmilla's----- Falls Church
                Ethiopian----- Eyo----- Falls Church
                Filipino----- Fairfax Inn----- Falls Church
                Myanmar----- Myanamar restaurant----- Falls Church
                Palestine----- Jerusalem----- Falls Church
                Vietnam----- Rice Paper----- Falls Church

                1. Afghanistan, Bamian, Falls Church
                  Iran, Amoo's House of Kabob, McLean

                  I used to go to Kopitiam for Malaysian on M St, but it's gone down hill in the last couple of years. Anyone have a Malyasian place?