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Jun 1, 2014 02:37 PM

July Paris trip and Loire Valley report

Hi ,we went to the Loire Vally and Paris in July.
Loved the castles and had a picnic lunch on the grounds of one of the castles. Loved the restaurant,Auberge du Bon Laboureur in Chenonceaux-expensive but wonderful.
In Paris I love the restaurant in the Musee d'Orsay for atmosphere and lunch. We sat at Cafe de Flore for wine, bread and soup onion and people watched for a few hours and that was great. Maisone de La Lozere was good, more of a less expensive hearty dinner. I enjoyed the food at Chez Fernand,but it was crowded and noisy. Le Reminent was hard to find, the a la carte menus was wonderful but the Prix Fixe menus was terrible, it was slightly snobbish there and a long wait for a less crowed restaurant at lunch. I was surprised to enjoy Maison Blanche as much as I did, but only if you sit outside on the terrace with a view! All the champagne and wine , perfect night, may have influenced me, but the 5 course dinner was delicious!
We are going back, do you know of La Petite Rose de Sables??? We need a good place to eat on a Sunday/Monday

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  1. Thanks for your whirlwind report. We'll look forward to your next adventure.

    I don't know La Petite Rose de Sables, but Googling it brings up rave reviews on TA. May I ask where you learned of it?

    1. I haven't been to tiny and badly ventilated La Petite Rose des Sables in a long long long time... used to be great value and full of backpacker-type on-a-budget tourists... passing by last week, it seems unchanged and a gaggle of very young Australians (?) waiting outside for table.

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        Bonjour/Good morning. I am enjoying this thread. I forgot to say we also enjoyed Frenchie, last visit.
        Found La Petite Rose... when looking on the internet for a Sunday and Monday restaurant that is open. I was thinking Les 110 de Taillevent for the prix fixed dinner??? and now thinking not La Petite Rose...
        Do you have some suggestions please!
        Love this conversation!

        1. re: buchja

          There are loads of restaurants open on Sunday and/ or Monday. To narrow down your options, where are you staying ? Do you prefer old-school trad, modern French, fusion, ethnic ? classic or sleek/ modern restaurant style ? budget ?

          1. re: Parnassien

            Thanks, we are staying 5th E.
            Near Notre Dame. We like traditional and modern french. Moderate price. One more well known and one local .Or a restaurant that has music? Chez Papa? Would love to know you favorites

            1. re: buchja

              If you're willing to eat what the chef is preparing that night, an enthusiastic vote for Les Papilles (tastebuds). I got that rec from this board. Great place. Here's the link to my post:


              The details of the meal are contained in the thread. The initial post was just a quick overview.

              1. re: buchja

                Modern cuisine with live jazz on Sunday: Point Bulles on the rue Clément in the 6th... a champagne bar with quite good Lebanese-accented French eats... mostly small plates but also half a dozen mains for sharing... I'm especially fond of the quail kebabs... clientele is mostly 30-something... depending on how much you order, 30 to 50 € is probably average... walkable from the Saint-Michel part of the 5th or easily bus-able. Also open Monday but no jazz.
                BTW, terrific lunch deal for 13 €.
                (And another BTW for others, the very convivial Les Pipos in the 5th has trad music nights on Fri and Sat.)

                Good eats, music and grand setting: Mini-Palais in the Grand Palais in the 8th... gorgeous colonnaded terrace... very flexible menu... piano bar... open 7/7.

                Bistro du quartier: Au Bon Coin on the rue Collégiale @ rue Monge in the 5th... more or less trad cuisine... some recent reviews on Chowhound... no direct métro from your part of the 5th (gotta change lines at Jussieu) but 47 bus from Maubert-Mutualité gets you there in 10 mins. Also open on Monday.

                Everybody's favourite (justifiably so): Dans les Landes on the rue Monge... loads of reviews on Chowhound... again, on the #47 bus route.

                A 2-step through legends: A good but not great dinner (the signature dishes-- i.e. curry d'agneau on the menu since the 1920s-- are very reliable) at landmark brasserie La Coupole on the boulevard Montparnasse @ métro Vavin and then a walk to the Piano Bar at the historic Closerie des Lilas on the bd du Montparnasse @ avenue de l'Observatoire ... station de taxis just around the corner on the ave Observatoire @ r Notre-Dame-des-Champs. Both open on Monday.
                Alternatives in the same style: La Rotonde on the bd Montparnasse for dinner and Rosebud on the rue Delambre for drinks and jazz.

                Bistro du Quartier: Au Bon Coin on the rue Collégiale @ rue Monge in the 5th... more or less trad cuisine... some recent reviews on Chowhound... no direct métro from your part of the 5th (gotta change lines at Jussieu) but 47 bus from Maubert-Mutualité gets you there in 10 mins. Also open on Monday.

                High-end modern cuisine: Les Tablettes de J-L Nomicos in the 16th or Les 110 de Taillevent in the 8th.... up to you to choose... Les Tablettes has the better food but les 110 is more user-friendly with pre-selected wine-pairing choices for each dish by the glass. Both are also open Monday.

                Hip and happening: Blue Valentine on the rue Pierre Levée in the 11th or Clown Bar on the rue Amelot @ r Crussol in the 11th... Clown Bar for VERY adventurous cuisine and Blue Valentine for safer but still creative cuisine... both are easily accessible by the #96 bus from Cluny or Saint-Michel. Both are closed on Monday.

                For Monday, add
                Chez Denise in the 1st for a classic bistro, Cornichon in the 14th for modern.

                I'm getting sleepy but lots and lots of other options.

                1. re: Parnassien

                  Your are so terrific! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions and descriptions!!!! Sleep well!

        2. Thanks to a strong recommendation from John Talbott we tried Kigawa and were very impressed, probably our best new find this trip... I believe they are open on Sunday.

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          1. re: Laidback

            thank you I think it sounds greatwill consider it thank you

            1. re: Laidback

              And thank you, Laidback for pushing Les Enfants Gâtés in the 14th up my "to go to" list. A good place that's much more than a local bistro.

                1. re: John Talbott

                  It looks wonderful, but closed Sunday and Monday. How in the world did I schedule myself in Paris on Sunday and Monday. Any other suggestions please!

                  1. re: buchja

                    We had a great meal at Le Taxi Jaune on a Monday night 2 weeks ago. Really loved the food and ambience. Another meal we really enjoyed was at Les Enfants Rouges in the haut Marais and they are open on Sunday nights. Also small plates at Le Mary Celeste is available both nights.

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                      Thank you very much for this great info...