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Jun 1, 2014 11:43 AM

Everyday dinner ware

Several older posts have mentioned Aplico porcelain. Does anyone have any recent experience with this brand? Has it maintained it's legendary quality? I'm looking to replace my old stuff with some good quality plain white dishes.

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  1. no experience with Apilco but check out Mikasa Antique White

    1. i love my crate and barrel white every day dishes. i've had them for close to a decade. i'm not sure one has ever broken.

      1. I've had the Sur La Table branded white wear for seven years now and been really happy with it. It doesn't chip and I don' thave any silverware scratches. What I have is made in Turkey, don't know if that's still the case. Price was great on it. I looked at both Revol and Apilco but decided to try this. I haven't been sorry.

        1. Bought Apilco porcelain a few (2-3) years ago and have been using it everyday since. No breaks, chips, scratches, gray marks, etc. Very pleased with Apilco quality and durability.

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            Do you remember where you got it?

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              We bought ours at Williams Sonoma. They have a good selection of pieces and serving pieces as well. I couldn't find it for less, I think some prices are set by the manufacturer, so although it wasn't inexpensive, it's been a very good investment.