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Jun 1, 2014 09:16 AM

Weekend in Baltimore, Must Eats?

I'm going to Baltimore for July 4th weekend and staying at the hotel monaco. We will be visiting DC for one day, but would love to know where we should eat in both Baltimore and DC area. Money is not a factor so we don't mind hitting any price points, and we are more red meat and chicken, and pork eaters, not really seafood fans except my fiance loves crab legs.

Any suggestions would be helpful, even if you have a must do in the area for sight seeing we are up for anything.

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  1. If you want an excellent burger for the 4th, try Abbey Burger Bistro. They do an excellent regular burger and will usually have an experimental meat as well. I've tried a camel burger there which I can't recommend, but the beef, buffalo, and other normal burgers are excellent.

    1. Look up all the posts on Hampden, which has become a great place to eat, shop and people watch. We all have different ideas on what is best, but here are some with multiple posts: Corner BYOB, Golden West, Grano, Le Garage, The Food Market, 13.5. For dessert on the same street (36th Street) either pastries from Daniella's or unusual flavors of ice cream from the Charmery.

      For Sightseeing, The American Visionary Art Museum (walkable from The Monaco) is unbeatable.

      1. If price point is no issue--dress up and dine at Charleston Restaurant--considered Baltimore's best in all categories for food and service.

        Your hotel has the B&O American Brasserie which would be convenient, but I am not as impressed as other Chowhounder's with this restaurant.

        Nearby your hotel is the French Kitchen--it seems to be a win-win for cuisine and atmosphere--within walking distance of your hotel. Haven't dined there but it is receiving accolades for the cuisine and atmosphere. FoiGras

        1. I would recommend Woodberry Kitchen, Charleston, Cinghiale. Puerto 511, Peter's Inn

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            That is a great list. I would add:

            *Patisserie Poupon for great French pastries.
            *Isabella's or Trinacria for excellent Italian subs (and Isabella's for brick oven pizza). Take the food up and have lunch on Federal Hill or at Fort McHenry.
            *"b" Bistro in Bolton Hill for very good Mediterranean-inspired cuisine (with local produce) and good wine in a beautiful old mansion.

            1. re: lawhound

              I second b Bistro and Peter's Inn; also the Food Market and Birrotecca in Hampden; Fleet St. Kitchen in Harbor East; Thames St. Oyster House in Fells Point; the Brewer's Art in Mt. Vernon; and the Wine Market in Locust Point.

          2. The best burger I've ever had in Baltimore was 10 days ago at Wit and Wisdom in the Four Seasons in Harbor East. The best Italian is Cingiale--eat in the DR--across the street from Charleston. Great ingredients and prep