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Jun 1, 2014 05:17 AM

Terroir in Park Slope Leaving

Several blogs (Eater, Here's Park Slope, etc.) have reported that the owners are looking for a new tenant for the Terroir space on Fifth Avenue in Park Slope. Terroir apparently is going to remain open until they get a new tenant. The owners said it just never quite caught on in the same way that the Manhattan locations did.

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  1. Could be an advertising issue. I've never heard of it.

    1. Gotta admit, although we're fervent supporters of theirs, having been going to the original next to Hearth since it opened and making appearances at the Tribecca location as well, we went to the Park Slope one only once and haven't gone back. Not about the pricing and the ambience was similar enough...somehow it just didn't feel right, not sure why. Maybe Marco & Paul can try again in Bklyn (I vote for Smith St).

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        I have to say we never heard of this place at all. Maybe it just never got onto the radar screen of Park Slope eaters. Pity, if it is good.

      2. I still miss Great Lakes. The place looked like a dive but the service was unfailingly pleasant. Completely unpretentious and nice music too. Oh yeah - they were generous with the buybacks.

        1. Walked by that place a lot and wanted to try it but it was always full, at least on the weekends. Surprised they couldn't keep it going.