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May 31, 2014 06:25 PM

Weight Watcher's Foodies -- June is Busting Out All Over! June 2014 Edition [OLD]

Although that title is one of the great numbers from Carousel, I have always associated it with poor June, who just had too much to eat with unfortunate results.

I'm slogging onward and trying to have the scale move in the right direction, but with so many celebrations it's been hard. However, here is something to ponder: think of a plateau not as not losing, but rather as not gaining!

Now that the weather is inviting grilling, what healthful meals are you creating to help that scale move ever downward?

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  1. Not exactly grilling but I just had pretty filling and WW friendly lunch that has become part of my rotation...An omelette with egg beaters, mushrooms, onions and some shredded cheddar cheese. With 2 slices of WW whole wheat bread. 6 points.

    I was going to grill burgers for dinner (veggie burger for me) but my husband took my kids out to lunch and they went to Smashburger, so no burgers for dinner.

    The weather is so glorious today and it would be a shame not to grill, so now I'm thinking of getting some shrimp, corn and other assorted vegetables. Tasty and WW friendly.

    I've been on a good roll since my weigh-in on Thursday so I'm giving it my best effort to stay on track.

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      Good for you. I love it when people are feeling positive! Unfortunately for me, we're having fried chicken for dinner since our visiting house guest who is leaving on Wednesday asked my husband to make it. One piece for me. I hope I have resistance!

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        You've got to pick your battles. Fried chicken made by your husband would be high on my list based on his rep on WFD..

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          It was excellent, but I had more than one piece. :( No willpower when it comes to his fried chicken.

    2. I've been cooking from the PointsPlus book, What to Cook Now, and I've been pleased with the results. I was doubtful about WW at first, fearing it would push a lot of processed no-fat and sugar-free foods, but this book is geared at the Fresh Ingredients crowd. Yesterday I made mint-lemon grilled chicken breast. For lunch, I had a turkey wrap on a whole wheat tortilla. Tomorrow I will try the maple-glazed pork chops.

      I joined WW four weeks ago, and this is my first WW post here. I'll look forward to exchanging ideas and encouragement with other WW Foodies. At my weigh-in yesterday I was the same as the week before, but considering the week included DD's birthday, Memorial Day, and dinner with a niece who makes great falafel, a zero-gain was not bad.

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        Welcome to the thread. I'm not sure that I know that book, so I'm glad to hear about it. How many portions does each recipe provide would you say?

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          The mint-lemon chicken sounds great. I bet it would be great on a salad too. Mind sharing the ingredients of the seasonings?

        2. I've always been a fan of June since my birthday falls mid-month. That said, it's the hottest month of the year here in our part of Arizona and I don't enjoy it as much as I used to!

          We grilled a bison tritip on Friday night. When I stopped at the market on the way home they had first of the season Copper River salmon so I bought a very small fillet of that as well. So we had that with the tritip, an arugla and tomato salad and split a baked potato with yogurt and salsa. It was a delicious dinner, not too high in points, and fueled us well for our long run yesterday morning.

          Last night our dinner club went for crab boil so that wasn't so bad either. I had a dungeness crab with a small piece of corn and a small potato.

          June was a good month for me last year as I was in my first 6 weeks. Hoping it's another good month again this year....

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          1. So I ended up grilling chicken satay, corn and vidalia onion and made peanut sauce on the side. I never made this specific recipe and it was very good. My husband and both of my kids really liked it too (so nice when everyone likes a new recipe and nobody complains!).


            I pointed it and I came up with about 9 points for chicken and a bit of peanut sauce. Plus I had a corn on the cob and some onion with a bit of olive oil for grilling. Good dinner!

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              I really like Ellie Krieger's recipes in general-healthy and flavorful-and her chicken with peanut sauce is great. Feeling inspired now :).


            2. Discovered these ready to go salads at the local food club- Ready Pac bistro bowl Chicken caesar. Really good and only 230 calories. The thing even comes with a fork. I had planned to bring these on a mini road trip but sell by date was today. Perfect lunch with a hard boiled egg. Will pack these for trips to the lake when the beach opens.
              Down 2 on my trusty WW scale.