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May 31, 2014 05:28 PM

What cookbooks have you bought recently, or are you lusting after? June 2014 edition! [OLD]

It's already June in at least three cities I would dearly like to be in right now, so here we go with the new thread. That temptress roxlet told me TGC was having a $13 sale, so I preordered the Malgieri and the Beranbaum, and ordered 2 others that looked good: "The Best Asian Noodle Recipes" and "The Way We Ate". Then I looked at the NYT's supplemental list to their Summer Reading article, and bought "Bold Flavors" for Kindle. (I want that Steinhauer, I love her muscular prose).
Color me weak-willed and easily led down the garden about you?
PS I finally saw "Yucatan" the other day. Wowie...zowie!

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  1. An old friend to many here arrived on my doorstep this afternoon - "The Bread Baker's Apprentice". It's probably been close to ten years since I've bought any cookbooks; until I found this monthly thread some time back, I thought I was a cookbook collector. I'm a piker, having less than 40.

    I have neither the finances nor shelf space to own hundreds, so I choose them very, very carefully. The Reinhart book was a natural choice, as my recent retirement rekindled my interest in making truly good bread; this, coupled with the near-constant drumbeat on CH about this book, made it a must-have.

    Its close to coffee table book size is a bit daunting, but I love the heaviness both of the book and of the paper stock; it's a hold-in-your-lap volume, and commands the reverence an apprentice should have. Instead of flipping through to "the good parts", I'm reading deliberately everything Reinhart has to share. It was all I could do, after seeing the list of formulas in the first few pages, not to jump ahead to Kaiser rolls, pain a l'ancienne, NY Deli Rye!

    I restrained myself, only going to later pages as he referenced them to make a point. I stopped reading at page 62 where Reinhart begins to discuss fermentation. Class dismissed for the day. :)

    I can only imagine where this is going to take me...

    1. Now you're the temptress -- The Best Asian Noodle Recipes? That sounds great!

      1. I just got Talk About Good and River Road Recipes. My collection of cookbooks is getting out of hand....but I love it!

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          What? No "Pirate's Pantry"? From the Lake Charles Junior League. I have all three marked on my Amazon Wish List, that's why I ask. Or perhaps you already own it.

          1. re: mcsheridan

            I have never heard of that one. It is in my cart now! :) actually I just realized that the one I ordered was River Road II so I guess the first one is going in the cart as well!

          2. re: AmyLearnsToCook

            Who's Your Mama, Are You Catholic, and Can You Make A Roux? by Marcelle Bienvenu are great too. There are two books with that title.

            I like River Road and Pirate's Pantry also.

            1. re: rasputina

              Oh my! Another one to add to my cart! :)

            2. re: AmyLearnsToCook

              I would LOVE a good Cajun / Creole book. My experience has been, though, that most recipes take forever. I have:

              1. Mr B's Bistro
              2. Metrolpitan Cafe
              3. Trout Point

              all are beautiful, just not how I cook.

              PS Is simply he best sauce ever. Their rub is completely underwhelming, but that sauce....good gracious. Wonderful

              1. re: Westy

                Peruse Donald Link's "Real Cajun" at your local library and I think you'll find what you're looking for. Those books from bistro/cafe are more complicated, naturally.

                I'd already made one recipe from Real Cajun that I found online, Smothered Pork Roast over Rice. He's the real deal, and now I *have* to have this book. It's on my list.

                1. re: mcsheridan

                  Real Cajun is great as is Louisiana Real and Rustic by Emeril Lagasse.

            3. Just brought Delights from the Garden of Eden by Nasrallah - a wonderful textbook of Iraqi Cuisine. Superbly researched, fascinating and the recipes both simple and enticing. I had never come across it before - its a shame. I dont think the book has the attention it deserves. Up there with Thompson!

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              1. re: borisabrams

                I've had this one in my cart for a while but never pushed the button on it.

                1. re: borisabrams

                  I have this book and have been perusing it the last few days again. I have made the spicy sesame sticks and dipped them in a tehini mixture. When they first came out of the oven they were doughy and gross and I was concerned the book was a loser. But once they cooked they were crisp and crumbly as expected. I also made the saffron rice but it's not really a recipe or anything. I need to make more things. The black eyes pea curry is staring at me

                  1. re: borisabrams

                    Have you read 'Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies' by Najmieh Batmanglij by any chance?

                    How does this stand up to that? I've got the 25th anniversary reprint of Food of Life sitting next to Thai Food - I get that much use of it.

                    1. re: LiamF

                      I do have that one too! They Are two very different books IMO. The iraqi one is more academic but the persian one had better pictures. The persian one really takes it's time teaching you how to make perfect rice and tahdig step by step with details. The iraqi book is not as detailed in that section. The recipes are surprisingly different. So far I like them both

                      1. re: Siegal

                        Now I feel old, I remember when the Persian one came out very well because friends who had done anthro fieldwork in northern Iran cooked for us from it when it came out ;-)

                    2. re: borisabrams

                      Nawal Nasrallah, the author of Delights from the Garden of Eden, has some enjoyable writing and recipes online: (link to the book's official site also somewhere on there).

                    3. I've had Yucatan on my wishlist since I first saw it posted here. I'll have to see if my library has it. They did not last time I checked.
                      Not a "cookbook", but Craftsy has a free grains class online. Order and watch anytime.
                      PS You are all temptresses... Every single one! ;-)