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May 31, 2014 03:30 PM

Best pickles/pickle selection in Ho/WeHo/Beverly Hills?

I'm guessing there must be places I simply don't know about in, say, the Farmers Market or similar, but I'm getting really tired of the selection of the same brands and the same two general flavors at places like Ralph's, etc...

Any suggestions?

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  1. Look for Bubbie's pickles in the refridgerated section of better groceries and whole foods
    I love the kosher dill best

    1. I like the whole half sours at labels on pico. They also have good full sours. Massive.

      1. Nice gurken selection @ European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen - Beverly Hills
        (310) 276-1331

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        1. Try Nate N Al's in Beverly Hills.

          1. Los Angeles is ripe with fermented foods these days. Whole Foods and Erewon both have a lot going on. Expensive habit now that all three kids have decided they love sauerkraut.