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Jimmy Guaco's

As mentioned in the Openings thread, Jimmy's was going to open on June 1st but opened a few days early to train staff.

I ordered a large Jimmy G special which at 13.80 with tax is the most expensive item on the menu. There are two sizes of each item with about a 3 dollar price difference between them. It absolutely blows M4 out of the water. They offer free guac ( I didnt try it but it looked alright)in their burritos unlike M4 and also offer far more ingredients. One of those ingredients is habanero pepper- which gives it a serious heat- something M4 completely lacks. Also the tortillas do not taste rubbery like at M4 and are slightly grilled before serving. Overall far better value and Im really looking forward to returning. Jimmy Guacos is generous in their offerings and the few times I went to M4 I found them very stingy. I sincerely hope Jimmy's keeps up their game.

There are lots of items with sweet potato which found a bit unusual but the manager/owner gave me a sample of it with feta and a corn and bean mixture and it was delicious. Vegetarians should be happy with the offerings although I did not see any leafy greens.

Also a plus for those who do take out- unfortunately, like M4 they have no plastic bags (even when it is pouring outside) but at least their paper bags have handles...

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  1. It's on Peel. Apparently it is a chain from Ontario:


    1. Then I am going to repost my experience here:

      Just tried it [May 30th]. Place was empty, was told they were supposed to open June 1st but wanted to give the employees some training. They were missing their signage outside but I was told it's coming this weekend.

      I enjoyed my dinner, definitely more selection/fixins than M4. Went for the Jimmy G's and didn't regret one bit. Paid 24$ for two large burritos and a much-needed chocolate milk since my mouth was on fire. I went a little overboard on the jalapeƱos. Chorizo and ground beef were spicy enough in the first place!

      Sitting out front, you get a really nice view of Dorchester Square. Staff was extremely nice and we were treated to a full visit of the upstairs kitchen! They're considering having group reservations on the upstairs floor, somewhere down the line.

      They could use trays or disposable plates, since I made a bit of a mess on my table despite the fine wrapping (and sealing) job. Beverage selection was also a bit weak, home-brewed unsweetened iced tea is a must for a place like this. I'll be going back!

      1. The M4 comparison stops at the fact they both serve burritos. M4 serves a Californian style thing and Jimmy Guaco's is more Texmex. It really all depends what you're looking for.

        I also tried the Jimmy G (chorizo and ground beef). The grilling of the tortilla is a nice touch, but it wasn't wrapped very well and fell apart after a single bite. Probably a training/overfilling issue. It was a filling, tasty mess.

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          I disagree. I know the marketing at m4 tries to make people believe it is a californian style burrito but thats all it is.. just marketing. I honestly cant imagine a person who has tried both places to say 'oh today I feel like a Californian burrito so Ill go to m4 instead of Jimmys' when depending on what ingredients you choose you could basically have the same thing at Jimmys.If you compare the list of burritos they offer http://www.jimmyguacoburritos.com/jim... to http://m4burritos.ca/m4/menu_burritos/ you will see Jimmys offers everything m4 does and more.

          Anyways, all that to say I think it very fair to compare them. Personally I dont believe either is really tex mex or californian they are just burrito shops filling a void in Montreal.

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            > just burrito shops filling a void in Montreal.

            Agreed with that and everything else. While we're at it (and on a potentially sacrilegious note, this being Chowhound), I have personally sent Chipotle a "development request" sometime ago. They won't franchise but already have a half-dozen locations in Toronto. I really would like to see them in Montreal! I was thinking of the old Blockbuster location inside the College Lasalle building on Sainte-Catherine West, but now that I think of it, Mourelatos closed recently too and that's a nice big Concordia-friendly location.


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              I will bite. I hated chipotle the first time I tried it in Minneapolis and then in DC. I would prefer that the various locally owned Mexican and other Latin American places open up places downtown rather than having another American bland burrito chain here. Let's support local food trucks and locally owned fast food places before yet another franchise we happen to like in the U.S. or Toronto.

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                No problem I understand your point of view. Yes I am a little starved for Mexican/South American options living in Shaughnessy Village. Whenever I hit the mile end or plateau that's usually the kind of places I'll drop by. La Chilenita is a big hit, so is Arepera. I understand this is informally Chinatown 2 but nothing's stopping people from opening Latino restaurants around here... so why do they all stick to the plateau?

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                Exactly, M4 is generic and insipid. If M4 is the standard against which we're measuring Jimmy Guaco's, that doesn't tell me anything about whether or not it's actually worth a try.

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                  the mexican place in the Cote des Neiges mall has a better burrito than M4

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                I'm more concerned with my Highliner frozen fish sticks origins than that of burritos.

              3. Tried the Jimmy G, it was pretty good, but I felt it was too much of a clusterfuck when it came to flavors and textures. Maybe I'll try something a little more simple and with less ingredients next time. Also it was the first time I had a burrito that tasted garlicky (only midly), although I don't have much experience with burrtos in general, I'm thinking it either came from the refried beans or the burrito sauce.

                It's a few dollars more expensive than Burrito Shop's burritos, but they really don't skimp on non-rice/beans fillings. My burrito was very thick and didn't fall apart. Also the guacamole doesn't cost extra. When it comes to the meat, I found it hard to gauge how flavorful it was due to all the ingredients that were in my burrito. Personally I didn't get much of a kick out of the chorizo and ground beef. I saw that they scooped the meat from those heated metal containers. I'm wondering if the chicken and steak is also precooked and stored in those type of containers.

                I haven't tried the burritos at Tacos on westminster yet but for now

                Jimmy Guac > Burrito Shop > that mexican place in the CDN plaza > M4

                1. Tried Jimmy Guacos today for lunch, also went for the JimmyG burrito (it's their speciality apparently, so might as well start with that)

                  Found the Burrito quite tasty, not too spicy, just enough (told the lady to put only a small quantity of hot peppers) and filling. Loved the fact that i could go with no rice in the burrito, the free guacamole, and the variety of toppings.

                  The burrito itself was wrapped correctly and held quite nicely in hand, managed to eat it while walking back towards the office, with nothing falling out.

                  Nerver ate at the other shops in montreal, but it is definitly a nice addition to the area, and we'll surely go again and try the other varieties.

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                    Had lunch yesterday at Jimmy Guacos. I had chicken taco with mango salsa and my husband had a burrito which I though was good because it was toasted and crunchy. I like it better than M4...more flavour in their meats compared to M4. Decor kind of sucks though.

                  2. Not bad nothing more. We had a Jimmy Burrito, a Quesadilla and a Burrito Salad and three soft drinks that ended up costing $45.00. Too much for what was served, at that price Grumman kills these boys.
                    The fillings didn't look fresh but when you have no customers these things can happen,

                    1. Went back to Jimmy Guacos recently, had a large chicken burrito. I didn't put every topping available, and I was much more pleased with this burrito than the fully loaded special. Also I find that the burrito sauce is too garlicky and kills the freshness of the veggies and lime juice. Tried a bit of the habanero salsa, and when added minimally, adds a nice kick to the burrito without making it too hot. Also I'm not a big fan of their refried beans, The whole black beans and corn mix is just so much more unique in flavor and texture than a pile of slightly garlicky mush lacking in earthyness and sweetness.

                      I have to say that it is a bit expensive for what it is, but it can be considered in the same price range as some of the better food court joints in the underground area when it comes to portions, and quality. It might not be super chichi like grumman's overpriced fare but at least you leave with a decently full stomach.

                      Also they do not have every item from the internet menu (shrimp and fish, although they would probably accomodate your order if you wanted to mix meats, probably if you paid extra) and every large burrito is priced 12$ + tax.

                      1. Tried it out for dinner for this past Friday. Ordered a small chicken burrito, large steak burrito, cheese quesadilla, and some chips and salsa. Total order was 40$, which is what I was expecting so no surprises there.

                        When I first heard about this place, I was hoping for something similar to Ontario's Burrito Boyz, which I am a huge fan of so perhaps my expectations were a little high. This location does not serve shrimp or halibut because they don't have the kitchen space to cook them to order. This was a big disappointment since I prefer fish burritos/tacos.

                        The chicken and steak burritos were just ok. We tried most of the toppings, the burrito sauce.I had hoped the peppers would give it a kick of spice, but I couldn't taste much heat. The small size is more than filling enough, but if you're hungry, I could easily see someone finishing the large. They were well rolled and easy to eat.

                        I did not see chips and salsa on their menu, but it is on their online menu so I asked for an order. The employee initially wanted to charge us for the price of the nachos when all I was getting was a handful of chips and a little salsa on the side so I told them to forget about it. They ended up charging me for a few side sauces instead of the price of the nachos, so that was nice. I hope they add a price for just some chips and dips because I can't see many people paying 5 and 7$ for the amount of chips and salsa I got. Chips were quite good, fresh, and crunchy, the salsa was a bit of a disappointment. It was a heavy salsa that reminded me of Old El Paso. Their pico de gallo was much better and I would ask for that instead of the salsa next time.

                        Cheese quesadilla was the winner of the bunch. I added most of the toppings and it came with a sour cream and guacamole to dip. Guacamole was basic, yet good and fresh.

                        I would probably rate Jimmy Guaco's as best burrito in Montreal, but Burrito Shop has the best salsas, and Cafe Cantina has the best guacamole.

                        I am sure I'll try it again, but I won't go out of my way for it.

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                          The two times Ive been the peppers were so hot my mouth almost went numb (I like it that way)... I think the employees are afraid to put much pepper because its way to spicy for most people..but you can ask for extra (free).

                          I was hoping they would serve shrimp too..did the manager/owner actually tell you that they wont in the future? The kitchen in the back looks pretty big but I can see how it would be hard to do for every order when they are busy given the long corridor.The employees seemed very uncertain when I asked them about it.

                          Ill add that the second time I went I had a small chicken burrito and was expecting the meat to be dry since it sits in a tray but it was extremely moist and delicious.. less heavy than the jimmy g special (obviously) and I found the small size more than filling. Great with beer (I got take-way).

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                            I emphasized with the employee that I wanted the burrito as spicy as possible, but she only put little amounts of peppers and spicy sauce. My fault for not asking for extra spice when I saw her not adding enough.

                            My friend went when they had just opened and spoke to the owner who said they would eventually have shrimp, they just didn't have enough time for the set-up before opening. Sounded like they should have it in stock a week or two later, they just needed to figure things out. When I went, I spoke to an employee about it, but the owner was right there besides him. They are now saying there's just not enough room to offer the fish and shrimp. His answer seemed a bit rehearsed so I bet there have been a lot of people asking about the shrimp/fish situation. It would be wonderful if they could figure out a way to make it happen.

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                              Today the employee told me they definitely will have shrimp and fish but he wasnt sure how soon.

                        2. Tried it last night and I enjoyed it! Had a small Jimmy G Burrito ( beef and chorizo) Couldnt believe the amount of toppings the offer you, had atleast 12-15 on there which is nuts but I like it. It was a little stuffed but still found to be enjoyable. The choice of meats didnt look as appetizing as burrito shops does but tasted fine. I will return and try more of their offerings soon for sure.