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May 31, 2014 12:50 PM

glasgow dining

We haven't been to Glasgow for a few years and we are returning in just over 1 week.

We have always enjoyed the ubiquitous chip, gandolfi, gandolfi fish and tinderbox (casual cafe) for modern Scottish cuisine.

Are there any new restaurants along the same vein that we should try?

Thank you!

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  1. Two Fat Ladies city centre or West End branches, good Scottish cooking. La Vallee Blanche on Byres Rd for decent French. Ox and Finch on Sauchiehall St, Cail Bruich on Gt Western Rd or Fanny Trollopes on Argyle St for great bistro style menus. There's an exploding burger scene with notables at Nice N Sleazy, Burger Meets Bun and Buddy's Diner being the best of the crop. The scene has changed a lot and much of it for the better.

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      Thank you!

      We tried Ox and Finch and they are closed on all 3 days we're in town! :(

      We've booked 2 Fat Ladies and Cail Bruich and will report back.