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May 31, 2014 11:09 AM

Carrabba's Kirby/Voss Favorite Dishes

Before my next joint replacement surgery in a few months, I'm gonna hit Carrabba's for some decadence. A side of Fettuccine Alfredo and crab cakes are a must. What are your favorites? We like sitting at the pasta bar watching the cooks and that Alfredo is hot when it hits the tummy. Again, favorites please?

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  1. We really enjoy the off-the-menu shrimp appetizer--it's a twist on the Shrimp Rafaelo and includes asparagus and lump crab. Very tasty! I can't remember the name, but it was suggested to us once when we were ordering the other. I also love the pepperoncini sauce that comes with the calamari--I'm pretty sure it's just butter with a bit of lemon and pepperoncinis, but it's delicious. Other favorites include the Shrimp Damian (with the lovely fettucini alfredo--bonus if they are making the housemade spinach noodles that night) and the chicken with goat cheese and basil butter. I also loved the veal chop the one time that I had it, but it's spendy. For dessert, we usually get the Sogno, but we also love the after-dinner coffee drinks (if we get one, we split it, because they are strong!).

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      I always wanted to try that chicken, but the wifeacita has a strong aversion to goat cheese, so how do the British say? " It's right out!" The calamari comes with shrimp, thoughts on the shrimp? I'll have to ask about the spinach noodles, and dessert, we will be much too full. Coffee, I don't drink much caffeine, this sounds like it might keep me up for a week. The calamari is a must.

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        Understood! My husband used to be quite anti-goat cheese, but has started to come around. :) The shrimp with the calamari are definitely good, although there is much more calamari than shrimp in the order. It's a large order--we always eat all of the shrimp, but never all the calamari (not a comment on the calamari, we just really like shrimp).

    2. Cozze in bianco. Mussels in white wine and herbs. Love them! They will do a 1/2 portion appetizer if you ask nicely (the regular one is huge), and that way you have room for other stuff.

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        I think I can get a 1/2 order, back to back birthday dates for the wifeacita and myself, I'll play the knee replacement trump card if I have to. We will be eating a lot of food, 1/2 order sounds nice.

      2. I haven't been there in many many years, but coincidentally went recently for lunch. I had the shrimp Damian, which was perfectly cooked and served with a side of that special fettuccine. Good luck with the joint replacement! That seems to be going around in my sphere too!

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          Thanks Lambowner, definitely not a sign of getting younger. Mjust, that calamari will be tried, definitely, it comes with fried shrimp I believe. The wifeacita has never had it, but she never had crawfish or oysters until I enlightened her. Arashall, a friend of mine has been urging me to try the mussels, and the time is now. Shrimp Damian is in the running for a main. This won't happen until sometime in September. I'll keep ya'll updated.

          1. re: James Cristinian

            Love the shrimp Damian, too! Excellent choice.

        2. You'll have to order the "off the menu" shrimp/crab app! A meal for two,, honestly... but if you do have room for more,, I just love Carrabba's take on Lasagna... Again, if you have room,, for dessert,, the choc covered cream puffs are amazing. All on Kirby of course.
          Sat at the Chef's Table with 7 family/friends about a month ago... was a 7 course meal and should have stopped eating after the 2nd course! Terrific, friendly staff that just kept rolling out great dishes!

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