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May 31, 2014 10:08 AM

Local Dinner Recs for Turks and Caicos

Best Dinner spots near the beach and maybe off the beaten path would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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  1. Best options on the beach:
    Seaside - New chef turned things around big time
    Bay Bistro - Ageless menu that still kicks A$$
    Flamingo's - Very local, very casual and very good Curried Grouper

    Best options not on the beach...
    Le Bouchon - French Bistro type. Best steak on the the island
    Coco Bistro - Very popular. Need to reserve
    Caicos cafe - My favorite overall dining option by a mile. Italian/Caribbean/Seafood heaven

    Off the beaten path..

    Three Queens
    Bugaloos nice views - great local food
    Las Brisas nicer views - med tapas
    I would try to visit them during lunch. Car needed. Visit Taylor Bay when heading to Las Brisas or Bugaloos

    More info can be found here..

    1. Completely agree with Ziggy - I live here in the islands and will vouch for Seaside Cafe, Bay Bistro, Flamingo's (aka Ricky's on the beach), Bugaloo's, and Las Brisas for beach restaurants. See photo for Bugaloo's a great local spot directly on the beach with fab coconut conch fritters with absolutely superb dipping sauce