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May 31, 2014 09:28 AM

8th grade graduation lunch on South Beach midweek

Looking for a suggestion for somewhere special but not expensive for my son's graduation lunch. It would be for 8 no need for private dining room. We would go out following the ceremony - so want to stick to south beach which is close by. Racking my brain and can't come up with something good!

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  1. Milos has a great three course lunch for $25

    Tongue & Cheek does a two course lunch for $19

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      I would do T&C over Milos because Milos is too fish/seafood oriented and not every 8th grader may be satisfied there.

    2. If you want good food at reasonable prices, I recommend Bolivar restaurant in Miami Beach.

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          Great question, Frod........

          Ft. Pierce, FL....

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            Yes, I do. I write about food for the blog at MCT. We are about 4 bloggers who write and are experienced with the Miami food scene by eating our way through the city. If you check out our blog, we write about OUR OWN opinions about food and restaurants in Miami. I responded to the same question yesterday you asked me on another thread and then we got a note from Chow. I have only added comments when thought they were helpful (you can see the activity log). There is not much about Wynwood online and the guide we wrote about Wynwood was crafted by walking though the neighborhood. We are locals and we participate in many forums online specifically about food in Miami. If you have any other questions, I will be happy to answer. By the way, we follow your blog and love it!