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May 31, 2014 08:38 AM

Burger Brawl Recommendations

I'm going to this year's Burger Brawl and the website says that I am entitled to a sample of every burger that is made. Now, I'm a pretty good eater, but I seriously doubt that I could handle a sample from all of the near 50 competitors (even if they are slider size).

This is where you all come in...Whose burgers should I focus on hitting first to make the most of my limited stomach space? Here is a link to the list of the competitors (scroll down on that page)...

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  1. Based on the burgers I've actually had, I'd try to hit Spot Burgers (one of the best burgers in the city), Avance, PYT (though I haven't been there in years) and Dandelion. I'd skip Rouge, Zac's (roughly equivalent to Five Guys), Shake Shack (ditto), 10 Arts, and Iron Hill. I'd be tempted to check out Aldine too, they haven't opened yet and it might be fun to get a little sneak preview.

    1. I'd put Cheu on my list. They are pretty inspired these days. Also Border Springs--who can resist a lamb burger?

      I'd add Good Stuff Eatery to the skip list. I've been to the one in DC, and it was fine, but nothing special.

      1. Ok, those are all a good start.

        I'm assuming that Avance will be making their lamb burger which is sourced from Border Springs, so I'll be sure to try at least one of those.

        I also read that a place called Dog & Bull in Delaware was a winner in Glen Macnow's Hamburger Hunt and have since been invited to compete here, so that might be on the list too.

        Keep 'em coming!!!

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        1. re: Philly Ray

          Actually Dog & Bull is in Croydon in Bucks County. They were the people's choice winner in Macnow's burger hunt. (Rouge was the judge's winner.). Their burger is a cheddar ale burger, large burger topped with cheddar ale sauce, bacon and crispy onions. Haven't been but heard great things about it as well.

          1. re: cwdonald

            l agree with the judges on Rouge, thought mine was a truly great burger.

        2. I always thought Rouge set the standard until Village Whiskey came along.

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          1. re: MainLiner

            l found the space better at Rouge than at VW and far more welcoming and comfortable. Also their iced coffee is great.

            1. re: Delucacheesemonger

              But duck fat fries with short rib as a side ??? MMMMM

            2. re: MainLiner

              I had a Rouge burger for the first time a few months ago, and have to say it's worth the hype.

            3. Hmm...I only see two on the list that I would actively avoid -- Parc and Rogues Gallery. I think of Parc as more of a fun, see-and-be-seen place with very mediocre food. And Rogues Gallery is just awful all around, including the burger.

              I've had and love the burgers Gaslight and JJ Bootleggers, so I'd recommend those. One I don't see on the list but I know they're there: Sassafras. Definitely try them, too. They have a new chef who really knows how to make a good burger.

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              1. re: gina

                ' I think of Parc as more of a fun, see-and-be-seen place with very mediocre food.'

                What l find interesting is that on opening Parc was wonderful, and had my fave bread in Philadelphia. Things change, however.
                Now l agree with you completely.

                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  I went to Parc once. I would go back for french food in Philly, if we didn't have Bibou, Bistro la Minette, Le Cheri, LaCroix...