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May 31, 2014 07:44 AM

Rehearsal Dinner Delray-Boca-Deerfield

We are getting married in July and need to find a place to hold our rehearsal dinner. Probably between 25-40 people. I was something upbeat fun and causal not the sit down 3-4 course meal everyone keeps suggesting. We live close to downtown Delray so I thought that would be fun but I can't think of a place that can hold all of is. Since it's off season and would be on a Thursday I'm sure more places are flexible but I'm stumped. Any suggestions, the wedding is in east Boca so most people will be coming from there.

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  1. We had ours at Maggiano's They have a few private rooms to use. It was awesome. The appetizers were out when everyone got there and the main meal was family style so you just pass everything around. We used drink tickets and bought everyone 1 drink. With tips and fees it was approximately $50 a head.

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      That was one of our thoughts as we saw a large party there the other day when we had dinner there. I will definitely check them out thanks.

    2. 32 East has a private dining room upstairs... it now also has an outdoor balcony... and they will cater a menu to whatever you like. So that's one option

      Sundy House would likely also work with you. Gorgeous spot and they also have several individual rooms. Since it's off season, quite likely you could snag one on a Thursday night.

      Vic and Angelo's is another option. This would likely be the most "fun and upbeat" - since they would probably just give you the back area of the main big room, or maybe the whole side room. In either case though, your group will all be centrally located in the hottest area of the Ave. The could prepare a big selection of apps and small plates... even pizza perhaps.

      If you want a view (and real convenient to East Boca)... some options include the Highland Beach Holiday Inn (has a new name which I can't remember), the Seagate Beach Club... or Boston's Upstairs might be able to help as well. These 3 are all oceanfront or ocean view.