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May 31, 2014 06:57 AM

Enamled cast iron

I'm looking to buy my daughter an enamled cast iron dutch oven. Le Crueset is too expensive. What is your opinion of the Kitchen Aid line of pots?

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  1. I had a Lodge enameled CI dutch oven for several years. Eventually the enamel on the inside started cracking and finally chipping. I tossed it last week. I am currently looking at buying a Le Creuset.

    1. Tramontina from Sam's Club is a great "value" option. I like it's thicker heavier weight versus Martha Stewart and similar knock offs and I think the enamel will be more durable than Lodge in the long run.

      1. Go with costco. If the enamel chips off due to manufacturing problems they should replace it.

        Check around and see if there is a Le Creuset outlet store nearby. Sometimes you can get a great deal there.

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          I would second the Le Creuset outlet suggestion. I think you can always do well there if you aren't trying to match a particular color or something. And if you don't need to buy immediately, LC does go on sale - I bought my 5 qt. at Bloomingdale's for 75% off a couple of years ago when they were changing the designs. The KitchenAid enameled cast iron isn't that much cheaper anyway from what I can see.

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            How is Costco going to replace anything? They sell cookware in fairly short runs and move on to other items. They don't stock housewares long term.

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              I have a big LC Dutch oven I bought at TJ Maxx for $50. It was on clearance but they have good prices on LC any way.

            2. Chasseur or Fontignac. Made in France, not China, better quality, less chance of chipping, cheaper than the top names.

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                  Fontignac is also available at BB&B. Don't forget a 20% off coupon!

                  BB&B is very good at accepting returns for damage down the road.


              1. I'm not sure about KitchenAid, but I have a Lodge enameled CI 6 qt dutch oven and it has been great.