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May 31, 2014 05:14 AM

Recommendations for DC trip - casual and 1 or 2 special

Hi, we have a trip planned to DC for about a week and will be staying relatively close to Logan Circle, but close to Dupont. We normally like casual and ethnic places, and especially love sitting and eating at bars.
Could we get some restaurant recommendations for:
1) Gastropubs within about a 15 minute walk.
2) Great ethnic restaurants.
3) A couple of more "special" places - but not stuffy or too over the top.

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  1. Re: No. 3

    Komi or Rasika, or both.

    1. Mourayo (Greek) has a nice bar area where my husband and I have enjoyed a couple meals. Seems to attract a fair amount of regulars. I like the mezze combo - forget what it's called.

      1. Churchkey is a gastropub and if you don't like their menu, check out the more formal restaurant upstairs called Birch & Barley.

        Pearl Dive Oyster Bar does oysters (raw and cooked) and more...

        Bar Pilar is another gastropub (but I haven't been in a long time).

        Doi Moi is southeast Asian streetfood.

        Estadio does tapas - same owner as Doi Moi.

        Little Serow does Issan Thai - no reservation, prix fixe only.

        Sushi Taro does high end Japanese, including sushi.