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May 30, 2014 04:30 PM

Venice: Alle Testiere and Antiche Carampane price update?

I've taken the charge of choosing restaurants for 4 of us traveling to Venice at the end of a cruise this fall. I would just like to get a sense of what type of splurge these restaurants might be so I can give my travel companions some sense of what I'm recommending. The websites don't have prices listed, so if anyone can share their experiences with their dinner tabs, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, would like to know if they are each still as good as always. If anyone knows of a simple seafood place for lunch or dinner, that would be a good option to combine with these too. We will probably keep cicchettii as an option as well. Many thanks!

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  1. I went with my girlfriend to Antiche Carampane on 4/2. We shared a scallop antipasti and a half bottle of white wine. She had monkfish; I had their special pasta of the day. We finished it with two desserts and our total was just over 100 Euros. While everything was delicious, we thought our dinner the night before at Osteria La Bottega ai Promessi Sposi was a much better deal.

    1. This April/May at Antiche Caramapane: in euros
      Antipasti: 22 to 25
      Primi 16/17
      Secondi 22-25
      Dolci 9
      Coperto 3.5
      Alle Testiere: last year prices are almost the same as Antiche except the primi are couple euros more.
      No problem sharing antipasti to keep cost down and not be overly stuffed; same for dessert.
      "Still good as always", yes
      Both Alle Testiere and Antiche Carampane are not fancy places; they are trattorie; the quality of the seafood makes them expensive. Just as good and a touch less expensive is Boccadoro. More moderate is Alla Frasca. Keep in mind that most all seafood places are closed Sundays and Mondays.
      One does not have to go to an all-seafood place to eat good seafood as just about all osterie and trattorie in Venice will have a good selection of seafood on their menu.

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        Photo of Antiche Caramapane menu 04/24/2014

      2. For a simple seafood place, I recommend Alla Madonna. It's open every day except Wednesday:

        For cicchetti, try All'Arco.

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          ohhhh i loved Alla Madonna...

          thanks for the recc of All'Arco.

        2. expensive and worth it for fish

          1. Neither are on the cheap side, since it's fish and that's always expensive. But neither are they starred restaurants where you pay extra for fancy service. You could probably eat well at both for about 60 Euros a person. Much also depends on what wine you choose, obviously. But at least for Carampane, I usually go with the house white, which keeps prices down.


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              Id just say to clarify that in general whole fish cost more than other seafood or fritto misto, risotto or seafood pastas in Italy.So staying away from the whole fish can be one way to keep the prices of a meal in a manageable range. Ordering a seafood appetizer and then some pasta, and perhaps some salad or a veg is a very reasonable approach. Its well worth it to go to one of the places discussed on this thread and sample the venetian seafood specialties.which you will not find elsewhere.

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                What would you recommend for a special night out celebrating a milestone birthday? Would Carampane or Alle Testiere be good fits? Or would you advice someplace else?

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                  I love Carampane and would definitely recommend it. But it is not a "fancy" restaurant, if that is what you are looking for.