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Citizens Bank Park food?

We'll be seeing the Phillies in late June. Any good options at the ballpark?

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  1. just a tip

    Citizens bank lets you bring in a soft cooler with food & unopened beverages - if it is not a business event I would pack at least snacks and drinks - ballpark prices are robbery - I always make hoagies so never eat the ballpark food.

    1. I've only been there once, but the Tony Luke's stand was just as good as their original shop on Oregon Ave.

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          Which, if you're not from around here, sells fried chicken and donuts. Some tasty stuff.

        2. If you've never had crab fries from Chickie and Pete's, they're worth trying. A bit less magical once you learn it's just Old Bay seasoning, but still great.

          Now the cheesy dipping sauce on the other hand... I can really only deal with dipping one fry before it feels too disgusting.

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            Crabfries are definitely a necessity!

          2. Once you decide on your food, use this handy chart to find your beer...


            1. I actually think Harry the K's is a good option, decent food, sit down and cocktails as well as beer

              1. Thanks for the info, everyone! Intrigued by Federal Donuts, although if the lines are long it might scare me away. I know the prices are a rip off, but I'll hold my nose and pay if I can get something decent.

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                  Attendence is down so much this year that unless its a promotional night, I think you should not experience long lines. The two category the Phillies lead in are the greatest decrease in attendance and most strikeouts by a player (Ryan Howard.).

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                    We ate there yesterday - $9.75 for chicken and donuts (1/4 chicken in 3 pieces and 1 donut), which is about the same as the cheesesteaks. Amazingly, there was NO line about 20 min before the game started.

                    As for cheesesteaks, we prefer Campo's to Tony Luke's. The stands are right next to each other, so your party can split up and get both, then do your own comparison.

                    I second the motion for bringing in your own beverages... at least bottled water. $4.25 for a 16-oz bottle is a total rip-off, especially when you consider the guys selling it for $1 in the parking lots!

                  2. I always get a Schmitter. Tastes great and for the ballpark price, actually not TOO big of a rip-off.