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May 30, 2014 01:27 PM

Restaurants and other tips

Live in Atlanta and will be in Portland in mid June. Arriving too late on first night for dinner, but will have opportunity Sat, Sun and Wed nights. Will be in hotel (with friend booked for a meeting) the Friday-Sunday. Then to Willamette (booked at Allison Inn Monday/Tuesday)Back to Portland on Wednesday.

Any tips for restaurants appreciated. More interested in food than fancy. Like good, creative farm to table experience.

Also, any tips on eating, wineries, etc in Willamette appreciated.

And if you know of a nice, small boutique style hotel in Portland for Wednesday, please let me know.

First trip and excited to visit!

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  1. Well covered here but here is a list to start. Check websites for menus. Everything is pretty casual fancy food or not.

    Paley's Roe, Ava Jean's, Racion, Mucca, Higgins, Le Pigeon, Little Bird, Bar Avignon, Imperial, St. Jack, Pok Pok, Beast, Lincoln, Firehouse, Olympic Provisions, Ned Ludd, Davenport, The Picnic Table, Mingo, Noisette and others that maybe some other folks will add.

    Wine country: Tina's, Red Hills, Dundee Bistro, Market at Red Hills, Recipe, Jory at the Allison, Ruddick/Wood, Joel Palmer House, Thistle, Nick's, Bistro Maison.

    Check Willamette Valley Winery Association website for wineries, hours and links to websites.

    The Ace Hotel in Portland is funky, Hotel Moderno is nice, Hotel Deluxe is sort of Hollywood retro and has the Driftwood Lounge in it which is a great old school bar. All are downtown.

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        Great list from oregonjim. I would add OX in PDX.

        And spend one dinner at Jory in your hotel. They do a great job and it is really convenient!

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          jim, I've heard of all the Pdx places you mentioned except The Picnic Table and couldn't find it in a quick google. Did you mean the Picnic House? If so, please tell us more!

        2. Picnic House. Sorry. Newer downtown place. Sort of weird decor but very good food.