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May 30, 2014 12:30 PM

Bawarchi--Authentic new Indian in Plymouth

187 Cheshire Lane N, Suite #100
Minneapolis, MN - 55441

I've never gotten over Grand Sichuan folding up the tent at this location. At least Bawarchi offers some serious Southern Indian food in its stead.

Had the meat lunch ($10.00)-- a goat curry, some cubes of yesterday's tandoori chicken, some sugary gajar ka halwah, naan, bastmati rice, lentil soup and a piece of well seasoned chicken thigh buried in a bowl of biryani rice.

The tandoori chicken was OK, goat/mutton curry was a small piece of neck in an extraordinary, hot as hell, fragant, nuanced gravy. Lentil soup/sambar was likewise well prepared, The biriyani was pretty damn tasty but I don't like to eat that much carb at one sitting.

The clientele was mostly Southern Indians, and the food was at a chile level that would kill an average non chilehead Minnesotan. Service was relatively slack, but not annoyingly so.

Looking forward to exploring some of the chef's specials and southern stuff like dosas on the huge menu.The food is the real deal here. Not cheap, but authentic.

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  1. For calibration purposes, have you eaten at Bukhara in Mtka and if so what did you think?

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    1. Looks like it has locations all over the US. Intriguing.

      1. also for calibration, how does it compare to biryani in edina?

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          Never been there. Bawarchi is in a sort of industrial park area in the middle of nowhere but it was jam packed for lunch on Friday.

        2. Went Back for lunch today and if anything it was better, service is really lame though.

          When I was paying I told the manager/cash register guy they need to reach the most basic level of restaurant service: come by after they drop off the food and see if everything is OK, offer water and so on.

          The food is good enough to ignore the poor service. An Indian person at work said the biryani is the best in Minnesota, though not as good as in India.

          1. Thanks for the tip! What caught my eye looking at the menu online is that they have gongura chicken and goat dishes. I've raved about the gongura dishes at Taste Buds back home in California before (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5278...) so I had to try their gongura chicken. It was very good! The boneless chicken is a Minnesota giveaway (Taste Buds does bone-in) but bonus points for not asking "how spicy do you want it" and simply delivering a nice but not overwhelming spice level. There's more curry leaf flavor than I remember at Taste Buds but you still get a nice sour sorrel kick.

            Now I have to go back and try the goat biryani.


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              Tried the goat biryani tonight and it is excellent. India Spice Kitchen in Eden Prairie also has a very nice goat biryani, but this is right up there. While the gongura dish was in the "good but I have better back home", this one was just as good as anything I can get at home in the Bay Area nowadays.

              Even though I ordered the biryani spicy, the Overstone Sauvignon Blanc went with it quite well. Now if Bawarchi can just get some local beers besides the imports, it would be just perfect for me.

              Thanks so much for sharing about this place!


              1. re: mdg

                It's a treasure. Been working my way slowly through the menu. They also have Indian style Chinese dishes. I tried the chicken Hakka noodles, it was very well done like like the thin fried noodles you get anywhere in Southeast Asia, a sort of spicy mie goreng. The lunch set is a good deal too.