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Open-Air Coffee Shops

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This is the time of year when I want to be outside, AND at a coffee shop. What are favorite local spots with big garage doors that open up when the weather is nice so when you're inside, it feels like you're out. Oh, and first-rate coffee wouldn't hurt, either

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  1. I just passed one yesterday on Nicollet and 38th next to Finer Meats Company. Can't vouch for the coffee, yet.

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      Five Watt Coffee. I tried their espresso the other day - not bad at all. That said, I didn't even notice the garage door. (Obviously, it was closed.) I'll have to try it again.

    2. What about Wilde Roast? Not garage doors, but a lovely patio and river view.

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        Bob's Java Hut at 27th and Lyndale has the push up garage doors that you're referring to.


      2. NE Spyhouse. Good mix of sitting & standing. No garage doors, but giant french doors they open when it gets even a little nice out.

        2nd Wilde Roast.