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May 30, 2014 11:21 AM

Neapolitan pizza - is is supposed to be soggy in middle?

I am constantly in search of great pizza in my own kitchen and in restaurants. Today our local restaurant reviewer said the Neapolitan pizza had a "lovely blistered rim and a classically, well, soggy center". Really are well prepared or classically prepared Neapolitan pizza supposed to be soggy in the middle? BTW it won't change my perception of good pizza - I like a nice crispy thin crust that is crispy all the way across.

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    It gets soggy when it's sliced. In Italy they bring it to the table unsliced and you eat it with a knife and fork.

    By definition it's not crisp.

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    the main neapolitan pies that are soft in the center are those that use fresh bufala or fiore de latte cheeses,which tend to give off a lot of fluid.. The cooking period is very brief to avoid hardening the cheese - the crust should not be soggy if the pie is eaten promptly.

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    Calling Neapolitan 'soggy' is like calling expresso beans 'burnt.' It's a pejorative perspective typically stemming from limited cultural exposure.

    Traditional Neapolitan pizza is typically soft and wet in the center- at least, when a sauce is present. On some white pies, where you might find only oil and cheese, the lack of water from the tomato causes the undercrust to crisp up much faster, producing a dramatically drier end result.

    Some people like their pizza soft and wet, others prefer it crispy. To each his/her own. A restaurant reviewer should have a more expanded perspective than to throw around terms like 'soggy' when describing Neapolitan pizza, especially when it doesn't even sound like they're attempting to denigrate it.

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    They look to be a tad "goopy", but soggy is never good.

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    I think that depends on your toppings. When I order a prosciutto arugula pizza, it's definitely not soggy. The more veggies you add, the soggier it gets.

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    The crust on Neapolitan pizza must be flexible, so that it can fold without breaking. This is called like a book (a libretto). It should not be soggy.

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    that's the way i have found it to be. i wouldn't say "soggy" like wet bread, but limp and definitely not crispy.

    i was taken aback the first time i had it, but am now used to it as "neapolitan style."