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May 30, 2014 08:19 AM

Where is my Carolinadawg at? I'm coming to town!! Looking for some suggestions.......

C'mon Dawg you going to take me out on the town? lol......

First stop on the trip is an overnight in Mt. Airy NC, my fathers hometown. I don't really need any suggestions for there, we will probably wind up at one of the local places he want's to visit.

Saturday morning we are leaving Mt. Airy for Myrtle Beach. (what happened with that shooting the other day??) It's been about 15 years since I've been but I don't have a very happy memory of the dining experience there. All I remember is a main drag, that was crowded and slow as hell, lined with neon signs of every sort of buffet known to man. At the time my children were young so dining wasn't really a concern, but now everyone is all grown up and I'm not in the mood for what I remember from my last visit.

So let me ask you my friends where is the good eats? I would LOVE a good steakhouse, not Outback, something better than that. I would also appreciate some decent Italian suggestions and Seafood. I'm staying at the Marriott if that matters.

Thanks ya'll for your help !!!

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  1. You are a trip! Not a lot of good options in MB. I have heard Greg Norman's turns out a reasonably good steak, but have never been. Best places are in Murrell's Inlet, just south of MB. Do a search and you' ll find several posts..Lee's Inlet Kitchen, Russell's and Dave's Dockside are all good. Here is a post that might help:

    Here's a steakhouse rec from a man who knows steak:

    There's a K&W Cafeteria in Asheboro, about an hour or so from Mt. Airy. Depending on your departure time you could enjoy chicken and dumplings for lunch on your way to MB.'s spelled y'all, lol.

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      Dog is of course right about Murrels Inlet and 17 bypass south will have you there in about 20 minutes.Don't let the two huge biker bars deter you either, just keep going south.

    2. We were at the Marriott last week and know the area well.I've had good luck with simple fried seafood at The Chesapeake House.There is also a good Italian spot a couple blocks south on 17,can't remember the name.

      One afternoon go across 17 on 82nd to the marina and take advantage of the good happy hour at the Anchor Cafe which is right on the waterway for drinks only.Also,the restaurant at the Marriott is no good.

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        Is Rossi's the italian place you're thinking about?

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          Now I remeber,It was Lombardo's.Very solid traditional Italian with excellent service, appears to be family owned also.

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            We are going tonight! I'm a little upset my root canal crown fell off (2nd time in 6 mos of having the root canal) so it's pasta for me tonight.

      2. Chianti South in North Myrtle has been very good in the past. Good wine list, great osso bucco

        1. Capt Dave's dockside in Murrells inlet does an excellent steak and grilled seafood, lees inlet kitchen or Russell's for fried seafood.
          I live here (Murrells inlet) and very seldom eat in Myrtle Beach but I do like breakfast at Johnny Ds and occasionally breakfast at sea capt house. I also am a fan of bistro 90 that is out of the way but really good. 21 main gets a lotta love for steaks too. Collectors cafe is a nice in town meal. Other nice choices are Waterscapes, CROISSANTS, Ruth Chris, cypress room at the island vista. Greg Normans used to be great but had turnover of staff recently which has led to disappoint for those that were used to really good service and food! :(
          Chive blossom, franks or bistro 217 in Pawleys island.
          Oh and scatoris is a locals fave for pizza but they serve really good fancier dishes on the other dining room side. They even do a North vs South Italy thing one night a week.

          1. Ok here is a quick run down of my dining while in Myrtle Beach, thank you all for your suggestions.

            Lombardo's, as you told me it was a solid Italian place. Great fresh bread, all meals were excellent, the older female owner was there which gave the place a very "home" type feel. Would recommend.

            K & W Cafeteria, I have family in Va/NC so K&W is a staple of visiting my family in the south and going there for 40+ years growing up. I would put their chicken and dumplings up against the best of them. Well much to my chagrin not only did this K&W not have chicken and dumplings on the menu for the day, most of what we got was average at best. A significant let down. Obviously K&W isn't formal dining, but the food has always been excellent country comfort food, this was below average at best.

            Parson's Table, we drove out there expecting an excellent meal on a Wed. night. No reservations, no room. We were shut out.

            Bonefish Grill, on the drive back we passed this and my father said "pull into Bonefish they are always good". Predictably they were pretty good, however I don't eat in them often at home (New Jersey) I was surprised by their prices. A bargain they are not.

            Olive Garden, Don't judge me!! "Hey Dad where do you want to go to dinner tonight?" ((Dad)) "There is an Olive Garden not far let's go there", "You sure dad?"....."Yeah" sigh...........I loath the Olive Garden, this was no exception.

            Ruth Chris Steakhouse, This was the best of the week. I have found the Ruth Chris brand to be very inconsistent in the quality of their food at different locations. This was a better one it was very good.

            Thank you for all your suggestions. Dawg looks like I have to take an IOU for my big night out!